The chronic disease management (CDM) Medicare items are part of a government initiative that assists people living with a chronic and/or complex medical illness. Medicare rebates are available for treatment from allied health professionals who are assisting in managing the illness.

The initiative allows a person with a complex and/or chronic medical illness to claim a Medicare rebate for up to five visits (in total) to certain allied health professionals within a calendar year. The person must be referred by a GP who is managing them under a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements (TCA). The GP is required to develop written Team Care Arrangements (TCA) in conjunction with at least two other allied health professionals, and to then provide referrals to those allied health services the team believes will be of most benefit to the patient/client.

The GP Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items have replaced the earlier Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) items, and the new Team Care Arrangements (TCA) have replaced the earlier EPC Multidisciplinary Care Plan items.