Welcome to the online training access site for the mandatory training in non-directive pregnancy support counselling

The non-directive pregnancy support counselling training module is part of the mandatory training requirement for the MBS item numbers 81000 to 81010. The total training requirement for registered psychologists and social workers includes three components:

  • Section A Training Module: Review of non-directive counselling skills
  • Section B Training Module: Pregnancy-related counselling issues
  • Section C Training Module: Pregnancy-related information resources

The training module includes training materials (summaries of concepts, relevant reading, case studies, learning activities, model responses), and multiple-choice tests for Sections B and C to assess understanding of the material. Section A is review-only. More information about the Medicare non-directive pregnancy support counselling services.

The total time required to complete the training package would be approximately three hours and the cost is $250 (incl GST).

The successful completion of the three-hour online training program has been endorsed by the APS for a total of three CPD hours. These hours can be recorded as generalist CPD or specialist CPD for the APS Colleges of Health Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists.

Access to the full training module is via the use of an access key, allocated after registration by the Australian Psychological Society. There is a link below where a professional can register and pay for an access number to the non-directive pregnancy support counselling Medicare items. A professional can access the training module through the loglin button, subsequent to a successful registration.

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