The APS commits significant resources to helping members market their professional services, and to market the psychology profession in general.

Resources include the Code of Ethics, Tip Sheets on common problem areas, marketing and media guides, embossed diaries, quality pens and lapel pins. Posters, booklets and brochures range from informing the public about psychology and encouraging GPs to refer to psychologists to profiling each APS College and the profession.

See below for further information or, to view the range available and to order, go to APS Online Shop.

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets inform clients about a range of psychological issues and how psychologists can help. They are a great resource for private practitioners and other health professionals, especially GPs. Members can read web versions of Tip Sheets or purchase the printed documents via the APS Shop.

APS Media Referral Service

Members of the media contact the National Office for comments or interviews on a daily basis, and the APS Media Referral Service identifies Members with the specialist knowledge to address these enquiries. This service increases the profile of psychology in the public arena and fosters good media relations. Find out more: APS Media Referral Service.