The APS works proactively with the media issuing a range of topical media releases and generating many APS news stories across the year.

Please find below media releases and links to samples of the most recent coverage achieved. Due to copyright constraints articles are not permitted to be reproduced. These links will be updated regularly.

Media releases

Sample media coverage


Golden future for Australian psychologists
10 September  2015,  Health Times

Popular psychology: Changing bad habits, animal assisted therapy and social media for teens
2 October 2015,   ABC Brisbane Afternoons         

The five stages to making lifelong change to bad habits
6 October 2015,   

Caffeine can reduce driver error: study
30 September 2015  (plus 13 other sites)

OCD treatment: Online trial for sufferers shows promising signs of success
2 October 2015,  ABC News online

Domestic violence offenders to have visas rejected
28 September 2015,  Courier Mail

What leads to a happy and healthy life
24 September 2015,  Radio National Afternoons

Caffeine reduces driver errors on the road, says Australian research
2 October 2015,  International Business Times

Study find homophobia and discrimination are alive and well in our suburbs
2 October 2015,  Daily Telegraph

Improving psychological care for cancer patients
10 October 2015,  Health Times

Social media at bedtime linked to poor sleep and poor mental health for teens
29 September 2015,  Medical Express


Lack of funding curbs treatment for arsonists say researchers
21 April 2015,   The Age (+ 153 other outlets)

Punishment leads to re-offending says psychologist
15 April 2015,  4BC radio


Psychology conference tackles health behaviours
31 March 2015,  Health Times

Health problems associated with intermittent employment undercut Jobactive emphasis on short-term work
12 April 2015,  The Age (+145 other outlets)

Experts body image pressure affects boys too
10 April 2015,  MindFoods

Forgot to include this clip for inclusion under Health Conference in Latest News:
Body image an increasing concern for young boys
10 April 2015, 
ABC PM radio

Pain management program targets urban Indigenous people
7 April 2015, Health Times


Below is a selection of some of the main items of media coverage arising from NPW 2014. 

NPW generated nation-wide media coverage, with an estimated 360 media pieces across print, television, online and radio outlets (including 240 radio news pieces) reporting findings from the APS Stress and Wellbeing survey, as well as APS member events, to highlight the contribution of psychology to community wellbeing.

40% of employees feeling stressed at work
15 November  Sunshine Coast Daily

‘Medicalising’ workplace stress could worsen staff morale, psychologists warn
14 November  The Age

Prevention is the issue: WorkCover Victoria denies a crisis in stress compo claims
13 November   Smart Company

Under the microscope; psychology in regional Queensland
12 November   ABC Brisbane Afternoons

Women impacted by stress more than men
11 November   Australian Women’s Weekly

The top 21 tactics used by Australians to manage stress
10 November   Business Insider Australia

500,000 Australians suffer OCD but few seek help
10 November   Sydney Morning Herald

Increasing office stress is smashing Australia's work-life balance
10 November   Business Insider Australia

Women ‘feel more stressed than men’, which is taking a toll on our mental health
9 November

Women feeling stress more than men: survey
9 November   Canberra Times

Australian men are finding this year less stressful than women
9 November   Business Insider Australia

Revealed: Women suffer more mental health problems than men 'due to stress-related pressure'
9 November  Daily Mail

Lectures next week to help people cope with life’s stress
8 November  The Bulletin

49th APS Annual Conference 2014


Psychologists want increased training in cultural competency
3 October 2014  Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA)

Family violence a form of 'intimate terrorism'
5 October 2014   The Age (+ 94 other outlets)

Mild brain trauma victims at risk of mental health problems, researchers warn
30 September 2014,  ABC News online and ABC TV News Tasmania

Psychology treatment reduces problem gambling
30 September 2014,  Nursing Careers Allied Health

Latest news

Psychologists concerned at growing income inequality
20 September, Nursing Careers Allied Health

David Stokes, APS Acting Executive Manager Professional Practice, on radio 2SER discussing the controversial National School Chaplaincy Program
4 September, 2SR radio

APS Board director Professor Debra Rickwood joins Pat McGorry on The Conversation Hour (ABC Radio) to discuss mental health challenges facing young adults
27 August 2014, ABC radio

John Crampton MAPS, a representative of the Executive of the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists discusses mental health in sport
23 August 2014, Sydney Morning Herald,

Article on the workplace stress cites the APS Stress and Wellbeing Survey 2013
22 August 2014,

Susie Burke FAPS on ABC Health providing advice on helping children cope with disasters like MH17
22 July 2014, ABC News online

Top 10 causes of stress for women at work
7 July 2014,  Women’s Agenda

Psychologists warn lack of privacy may put students at risk
4 July 2014,  Sydney Morning Herald

Conference Keynote Michael Yapko talking about his work with hypnosis, psychotherapies and the treatment of depression
26  June, LifeMatters, Radio National

Anxious kids suffer in silence - professor
20 June, UK Daily Mail, this was also syndicated in Australia including appearing on

Psychologists workshop emotional impact of stroke
18 June, Nursing Careers Allied Health


Weaker laws may legitimise racist behaviour
27 April 2014,   Sydney Morning Herald  (+130 other outlets)

APS 46th Annual Conference


Unsuitable school fit linked with teen depression, study shows
6 April 2014,  The Canberra Times

Suspending students from school mostly a bad idea, research says
28 March 2014,  Herald Sun

Schools out but cyberbullying is still in: survey
28 March 2014, The Age


Medicare makes Aust a mental health leader | Herald Sun 
17 February 2014,  Herald Sun

The motivation to learn
12 February 2014,  Life Matters (Radio National)

APS says schools need more psychologists
11 February 2014,  Nursing Career Allied Health

Abbott says criticism over axing of Immigration Health Advisory Group is 'complete beat-up'
16 December 2014,  ABC News online and ABC News 24

NPW 2013


Stress rising: Young people worst off
11 November 2013,  Medical Observer

Workplace stress on the rise, but not equally: Many men don’t feel supported in the workplace
11 November 2013   Smart Company

Workplace stress increasing depression: Australian Psychological Society
10 November 2013,  Brisbane Times (+148 other outlets)

Working Australians becoming more stressed: survey
10 November 2013,  ABC News online

Young Aussies are most stressed out: study
10 November 2013,  Herald Sun

More stressed people going to shops: Australian Psychological Society
9 November 2013,  Perth Now

Australian workplaces failing to create a healthy environment
11 November 2013, The Conversation


Patients keep GPs in the dark over serious heart-symptoms
14 October 2013,  Medical Observer

Patients told to listen to their hearts not their heads
11 October,  ABC radio PM program

Coping with triggers best for headache
11 October 2013,  ABC Science online

Carers are most unhappy Aussies: study
11 October 2013,  Courier Mail  (+ 7 other outlets)

Family accommodation: living with someone with OCD
9 October 2013, Life Matters, Radio National

Screen time a factor in kids' weight woes
9 October 2013, Medical Observer

Childhood behaviour problems can predict mental health disorders
8 October 2013, Nursing Careers Allied Health

Screen time makes kids fat despite exercise
8 October 2013,

Plea for help to lift regional psychologist numbers
8 October 2013, ABC News online

Public 'misread' on climate change
7 October 2013, ABC Science online

Sports drugs tempt teens
5 October 2013,  The Age (front page)


Doctors launch campaign to make smacking children illegal
26 July 2013,  The Guardian

The science of success: When 'evidence-based' decisions aren't based on evidence at all
2 July 2013,  Business Insider Australia

Best practices for new employee onboarding
2 July 2013,  Human Capital Online


Sleep disorders linked to depression in young women
6 April 2013,  Sydney Morning Herald  ( + 165 other sources )

Study calls for psychological screening of farmers with metabolic syndrome
3 April 2013,  Nursing Careers Allied Health


Gambling ads in sport should be restricted
6 February 2013,  The Age

Psychologists against dobbing in athletes who use substances
1 March 2013,  The Australian

APS 46th Annual Conference


Depressed after two weeks: fears drug companies will target the grieving
22 February 2013  Sydney Morning Herald

Psychiatrists brand grief a mental illness
22 February 2013  The Australian

Grief: how mental illness complicates family grieving
21 February 2013  Life Matters

Terminally ill urged to discuss options
21 February 2013

Coping after suicide
20 February 2013,  ABC Kimberley

Conference keynote Professor Dale Larson on end-of-life conversations
20 February 2013, Radio National’s Life Matters

Counselling psychologist wants health professionals to break the silence
12 February 2013, Nursing Careers Allied Health


Dealing with bushfires' psychological aftermath
24 January 2013, ABC Central West NSW

Tips on coping with threat of bushfires
20 January 2013, The Age