Resources for bushfire victims and those working to assist them

A wide range of resources for people affected by the bushfires and for those working to assist them have been made available by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

By simply clicking on the Bushfire Resources link on the APS webpage at people can access a range of helpful resources and download whichever they want.

Some are designed primarily for survivors, to help them cope with their distress and the psychological reactions that typically emerge after such a traumatic experience.

Other resources are designed primarily for those working to assist survivors, including counsellors, psychologists, GPs and other disaster relief workers. These outline current best practice strategies for helping survivors cope with their immediate and short-term distress, emphasising the value of basic practical and emotional support. There are also a number of web-links that provide information about monitoring survivors for signs of risk in the longer-term, and for providing appropriate referrals or treatment where indicated.


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