Commonwealth Games: time for celebration and reflection

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Experiencing a sense of community brings a multitude of health and emotional benefits, according to the Australian Psychological Society.

APS President Amanda Gordon said the Commonwealth Games offer a wonderful opportunity for community connectedness that extends far beyond the sporting field.

“This time of community gathering fosters good will, making it an auspicious time to engage in constructive conversations about the problems and concerns of our local community, and those of the greater Commonwealth,” she said.

Ms Gordon said that amidst the fervour of activity and celebration, members of our community are trying to draw attention to their struggles. She says indigenous protests in Melbourne’s King’s Domain should not be ignored.

“If we are to truly embrace the spirit of this event then we are to remember that prosperity must be shared with all members of our community. The extreme health problems in aboriginal communities show that our good fortune is definitely not shared by all.”

Ms Gordon also noted that other issues such as homelessness, the enforcement of capital punishment in some Commonwealth countries, and the prevalence of HIV and AIDS deserved our consideration and action at this time.


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