Victorian State Conference – 6-7 May 2005

Caulfield Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield, Victoria

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How can compassion help those suffering with chronic illness, social isolation or emotional pain?

This conference will examine the theme of compassion related to families and individuals including school children, asylum seekers and the chronically ill.

Obstacles to compassion will also be explored in relation to working with people who have committed serious crimes.

  1. Mercy for Monsters? Can we combine justice and mercy when dealing with serious offenders?

    Can we protect the rights of victims and meet society's expectations of justice AND show compassion to those guilty of terrible crimes?

    A person's past can lead them to repeat the very crimes committed against them and in some cases, render them 'incurable' but are they really beyond redemption or is this just a measure of our response?

    Moira Rayner believes we need to look honestly at how we deal with criminals who have themselves been victims of state policy or a damaging past. This will provide valuable insights into whether we can combine justice and mercy when dealing with serious offenders.

    Moira Rayner is Special Counsel and Deputy Managing Director of the Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment. She is available for interviews on this topic.

  2. Psychology expert shares six steps to surviving bullying

The schoolyard bully is now in the workplace, destroying individuals as well as their careers. How can the targets of bullying and the organisations that employ them protect against bullying?

Unless the workplace is philosophically and structurally equipped to deal with bullying, most victims of workplace bullying will be left to sink or swim alone. The results can be devastating and impact on their work, finances and health.Workplaces also pay a high price in terms of staff downtime, low morale and departures as well as the legal and financial costs.

Evelyn Field has developed a six step ‘Social Survival’ plan to empower targets of bullies to protect themselves and encourage organisations to reduce the damage caused by bullying in the workplace.

Ms Field is a counseling psychologist and author of 'Bully Busting'. She is available for interviews on this topic.

The APS provides a free referral service on 1800 333 497 for the general public who are seeking the advice and assistance of a qualified APS psychologist.

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The Victorian State conference will be held 6-7 May at Caulfield Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield.