Sport psychologists available for comment during the Commonwealth Games

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Have you ever wondered about the techniques elite athletes use to mentally prepare for an event like the Commonwealth Games?

The Australian Psychological Society has a number of expert sport psychologists available to comment on many aspects of the Commonwealth Games experience including preparation, performance, pressure, teamwork and coping with winning or losing.

Before, during or after the Commonwealth Games we invite the media to contact Clare Johnstone at the APS on (03) 8662 3301/ 0421 071 364 or to locate an APS psychologist in their area of interest or to comment on a particular event.


Fast facts about sport psychology

What is sport psychology?
Sport psychology is the study of psychological and mental factors that influence, and are influenced by, participation in sport, exercise and physical activity, and the application of this knowledge to everyday settings.

A sport psychologist can help with:
  • Performance enhancement and mental skills (e.g. goal setting, imagery, confidence)
  • Anxiety management and relaxation
  • Concentration and mental preparation
  • Stress and time management
  • Team building and leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Travel skills
  • Debriefing and program evaluation
  • Recovery and restoration
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Psychological assessment
  • Video analysis of sporting emotions and performances

Extra support for individuals or teams:

  • Depression
  • Over training and burnout
  • Conflict resolution
  • Weight management and health behaviours
  • Career transitions
  • Grief and loss (e.g. de-selection and retirement)
  • Balancing sport and study, employment and/or family life

A range of people use sport psychologist services:

  • Recreational, elite and professional athletes
  • Coaches, managers and administrators
  • Trainers, physicians and other sport scientists
  • Umpires and referees