National Psychology Week: 9 - 15 November 2008 

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Survey reveals what irritates Aussies the most

7 November 2008
The Australian Psychological Society is set to launch the results of its nationwide survey, ‘Dealing with irritating events and situations', as part of National Psychology Week (9-15 November 2008).

Melbourne Psychology Expo 2008

7 November 2008
Psychology Expo 2008, organised by the Melbourne branch of the Australian Psychological Society, will be held on Wednesday 12 November as part of National Psychology Week (9 – 15 November).

Bad drivers and telemarketers annoy Aussies most

9 November 2008
Inconsiderate drivers, telemarketing calls and unfriendly customer service staff are irritating Australians the most, according to a new survey released today.

Fact Sheet: ‘Dealing with irritating events and situations'

About the National Psychology Week 2008 survey ...


43rd APS Annual Conference: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania 

23 - 27 September 2008

Psychologists are available for interview on the following topics. Please call Elaine Grant on 0412 683 068 to coordinate an interview.

Hobart: Climate change free public forum
Featuring internationally renowned climate change and environmental psychology experts.

Study finds romantic relationships boost men's self esteem
A preliminary study of 300 Australians aged 18 to 25 has found men who are in romantic relationships have higher levels of self-esteem than those without a partner.

Conference Highlights
Multiple media opportunities are available at this year's conference

New association launched for indigenous pscyhologists
A new association for Indigenous psychologists will be launched today at the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) 43rd annual conference in Hobart.

Online therapy beneficial in treating mental health problems
Online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face treatment for treating mental health problems such as social phobia, panic disorder and depression, and takes a third of the therapist’s time, a new clinical trial has found.

Humans really are like monkeys, research shows
The human brain is more similar to the brains of monkeys than previously thought, according to a leading psychology and medical science expert.

Psychology of climate change: denial and responsibility
Eighty per cent of people across the world are concerned about climate change, but most see it as 'someone else's problem' and are reluctant to take practical action at a local level, according to an international environmental psychologist.

Parenting styles affect childhood development
Healthy family relationships and positive parenting can reduce the risk of future long-term unemployment and alcoholism, according to an international study.

Practice makes perfect for long-lasting relationships
The strongest predictors for maintaining a healthy, long-lasting relationship are shared, realistic expectations, effective communication, working at the relationship as a life priority, and the ability to manage stress, according to a leading psychologist.

Large percentage of students in school struggling with social and emotional skills
More than 40 per cent of Australian primary and secondary school students have poor social and emotional skills, according to a study of 11,000 participants.


10 September 2008

Pregnancy counselling a matter of choice
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes the proposed legislation to remove abortion from the Crimes Act in Victoria.

4 September 2008

Children can thrive in child care
There is little doubt in anyone's mind that one-on-one parental care during the early years of a child's life is seen as the ideal option for both the parent and the child. However, psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society (APS) caution parents against panicking that their children will suffer through being in child care.  

29 July 2008

Psychologists support detention review
The Australian Psychological Society today heartily congratulates the Rudd Government, and Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, for their review of the way Australia has been treating asylum seekers.   

7 July 2008

Sport psychologists available for comment - Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Sport psychologists play a crucial role in assisting our elite Australian athletes prepare psychologically for the Olympics.  

12 June 2008

Film classification inappropriate
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) has expressed grave concerns over the classification MA given to the soon to be released movie, ‘The Happening'.   

6 June 2008

‘Alcopop’ tax not enough
The Australian Psychological Society supports the government’s 70% tax on ‘alcopops’, but argues that the tax should be extended to all but low alcohol content drinks.  

15 May 2008

APS Psychologists reflect on the impact on families of the natural disasters in Burma and China during National Families Week in Australia (Media Statement)
As we celebrate National Families Week in Australia, it's worth taking time to think about the destructive impact of the natural disasters on families affected in Burma and China.

11 April 2008

Mental health care under Medicare shown to be essential for community
The extent of the community need for treatment of mental health problems has been clearly demonstrated by the high uptake of the Better Access to Mental Health Care Medicare items, according to the Australian Psychological Society, accounting for the larger than expected costs.

20 March 2008

Australian Psychological Society supports Medicare review
The Government's intention to review Medicare expenditure on mental health was today welcomed by Australian psychologists.

25 February 2008

Australian Psychological Society supports call for action following release of report on youth alcohol abuse 
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) today called attention to the release of the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) report into Supporting the Families of Young People with Problematic Drug Use.

12 February 2008

Expect mixed emotions on Sorry Day
Many people may well experience mixed emotions on Sorry Day, according to Australian psychologists.

12 February 2008

Psychology the key to improving Australia's health
Figures in the Australian Bureau of Statistics' 2008 yearbook show that Australians are living longer, but are more likely to be overweight, or suffer diabetes or another chronic disease.

8 February 2008

Managing stress important in tough economic times
With rising interest rates and a volatile stock market causing losses in superannuation, Australians are feeling additional stress and anxiety about their financial future.  

1 February 2008

Prime Minister Rudd’s apology to the stolen generations an important step
The Federal Government’s plan for a formal apology to the stolen generations – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who were removed from their families and communities as part of the assimilation policies of the governments of the day, is a welcome and long overdue move, according to the Australian Psychological Society. 



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