16 December 2009

Psychologists and Red Cross join forces to improve disaster services for Australians
The Australian Psychological Society and Red Cross today signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will link the two organisations and lead to the improved delivery of emergency services for Australians.  

16 December 2009

Coping with climate change at home – tips for the public  
Climate change is a global issue but it is also a major concern for Australians. With the Copenhagen climate summit in session now, dialogue about environmental problems has reached fever pitch.

24 November 2009

Psychologists support APHA call for allied health involvement in health reform process
The Australian Psychological Society (APS), Australia's largest allied health representative body, strongly supports the call from Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) for the allied health sector to be involved in the design, governance and delivery of the Government's new primary health care system.

12 November 2009

Combined 2009 Conference of the RANZCP Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age and The APS Psychology and Ageing Interest Group
Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland
Thursday 12 November to Saturday 14 November 2009

National Psychology Week
To view the report and tipsheet from the National Psychology Week 2009 survey - The 2009 financial situation and you - please visit the Media Room at www.psychologyweek.com.au.


10 November

Post GFC environment poses workforce risks for business, say organisational psychologists
Although economic indicators suggest Australia is coming out of the downturn, businesses that haven't handled staff issues well could pay a heavy price, according to a spokesperson for the Australian Psychological Society's College of Organisational Psychologists (COP).  

10 November 2009

Adolescent depression: A symposium for psychologists and other workers with young people
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 from 1pm to 3pm
Copland Theatre, Melbourne University, Parkville, Victoria

8 November 2009

Australians report increased levels of anxiety
Australians have experienced higher levels of anxiety and irritability as well as increases in relationship conflict over the past 12 months, an Australian Psychological Society (APS) survey has found.

5 November 2009

Psychology oration to discuss contribution to national curriculum  
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 6-7pm
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, 25 Collins Street, Melbourne


28 October 2009

Preparing psychologically for bushfires: Resources for the public  
Experts from the Australian Psychological Society (APS) have stressed that psychological preparedness is a vital component of being prepared for any disaster such as a bushfire.

13 October 2009

Preparing psychologically for bushfires – updated resources for the public
Fire Action Week provides a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of being prepared for fires.

12 October

Scholarships to support postgraduate clinical psychology students
The Australian Psychological Society (APS), on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, is administering scholarships up to $15,000 per annum to students who will be applying to study or continuing to undertake an APAC-accredited Masters or Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology in 2010.

6 October 2009

Evaluation shows Kidsmatter a success
Kidsmatter, the first national mental health initiative developed specifically for children in Australian primary schools, has improved children’s social and emotional wellbeing, placed mental health on schools' agenda and increased the knowledge and capacity of teachers and parents to support children’s mental health, according to an independent evaluation report launched in Melbourne today.

2009 APS Conference banner

Diary date: 44th APS Annual Conference

WHO: The Australian Psychological Society (APS) - the peak national body for the psychology profession in Australia.

WHAT: 44th APS Annual Conference. This year's Conference in Australia's top end will bring together prominent psychologists, practitioners and researchers. Key themes to include: psychological responses to disaster, emotional intelligence, Indigenous mental health and wellbeing, women in management - the glass ceiling, and other topical themes such as body image and youth substance abuse issues.

WHEN: Wednesday, 30 September to Sunday, 4 October 2009

WHERE: Darwin Convention Centre, Northern Territory

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES: A number of psychologists, as well as internationally and locally acclaimed keynote speakers, will be available for interview, including:

  • Professor Moshe Zeidner, University of Haifa, Israel
  • Professor Marilyn Davidson, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Professor Gillian Rhodes, University of Western Australia
  • Professor Richard Bryant, University of New South Wales 

Psychologists are available for interview on the following topics and full copies of media releases are available on request.  

28 September 2009

Three in four Aussie women want to be slimmer  
Three in four Australian women want to be slimmer, according to a psychological study into body image.

28 September 2009

The ‘yummy mummy’ adds weight to body image concerns
Aussie mums are feeling the pressure to be ‘yummy mummies’, according to a psychological study that investigated the impact of sexy celebrity mothers depicted in the media on women’s post-pregnancy body image.  

29 September 2009

Biggest bullies are still in the playground
Children are more likely to experience bullying in the playground than online or by SMS, a psychological study of 612 students has found.  

30 September 2009

Interview opportunities: Psychology conference keynotes and invited addresses  

30 September 2009

Psychology conference - key media opportunities
Three in four Australian women want to be slimmer, body image pressures are being felt in Australian children as young as eight and children are more likely to experience bullying in the playground than online or by SMS – these are some of the research topics being presented at the Australian Psychological Society’s 44th Annual Conference in Darwin from 30 September to 4 October 2009.  

30 September 2009

Psychology conference: Indigenous mental health key media opportunities
‘Closing the Gap’ on Aboriginal mental health, the impact of hearing loss on the cycle of disadvantage and celebrating Indigenous psychology are just some of the Indigenous psychology topics to be addressed at this year’s 44th Australian Psychological Society’s Annual Conference at the Darwin Convention Centre (30 September to 4 October 2009).  

30 September 2009

Girls hung up on weight, while boys focus on muscles to feel good
Body image pressures are being felt in Australian children as young as eight, a preliminary psychological study has found.  

1 October 2009

Bullying causes anxiety in children, study finds
Children who are bullied often experience anxiety and view the world as a more threatening place, a psychological study of 298 children has found.  

1 October 2009

The crucial role of psychology in addressing environmental sustainability and the challenges of global climate change
Psychology brings a particularly valuable disciplinary perspective and highly relevant research findings to the challenges of climate change, according to a recently released report by the American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on the
Interface between Psychology and Global Climate Change.  

Media contacts

Please direct all media enquiries to:

  • Elaine Grant
    +61 412 683 068
  • Ellise McLoughlan
    +61 428 445 097

Visit the APS Conference website at http://www.apsconference.com.au/.


3 September 2009

Psychological barriers reduce responsiveness to bushfire risk
‘Bad things do happen, but to someone else' and ‘The world is a safe, fair, predictable place' are two of the beliefs that prevent people from taking adequate precautions before bushfire seasons, even when they are advised to take action by Government and emergency services, according to Australian psychologists.  

1 September 2009

Implementation strategy and the utilisation of the allied health workforce key to primary health care success, says the Australian Psychological Society
The success of the Government's primary health care strategy, released yesterday, will depend on the way in which it is implemented and the effective utilisation of the allied health workforce, according to the Australian Psychological Society.

24 August 2009

Psychology report offers insights into motivations and barriers to ‘going green'  
People are more likely to adopt ‘green' behaviours if they think other people are doing the same, according to a recently released report by the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Interface between Psychology and Global Climate Change.

29 July 2009

Australian Psychological Society welcomes NHHRC final report
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes the release of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (NHHRC) Final Report.  

15 July 2009

Homelessness Roundtable – Monday 20 July 2009
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) will host a Homelessness Roundtable next Monday 20 July to address one of the major social issues in Australia.


8th Industrial & Organisational Psychology Conference 

25–28 June 2009 

Organisational psychology conference key media opportunities

Unprofessional emails causing workplace stress 

Staff want more than just a pay cheque 

One in four Aussie bosses are bullied 

Flexible work hours key to staff happiness

Active employees are more productive 

Deviant behaviours in the workplace 

2 June 2009

Strategies to assist parents manage children's worries over the H1N1 flu (swine flu)
Acknowledging children's concerns and reinforcing children's coping are two key strategies to assist parents in managing their children's worries over the H1N1 flu (swine flu), reports the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

4 May 2009

Government applauded for prompt response to Time for Action report on family violence
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) applauds the prompt response taken by the Federal Government to action many of the recommendations from the Time for Action report produced by the National Council to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children.


2 March 2009

Australian Psychological Society - Bushfire Briefing, Tuesday 3 March
A briefing for psychologists and other health professionals involved in support for fire survivors will be provided by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) on Tuesday.

25 February 2009

Psychological preparedness can save lives during bushfires
Being psychologically prepared, as well as having other emergency household preparedness strategies in place, is vitally important to any bushfire preparedness plan, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS). 

12 February 2009

Resources for bushfire victims and those working to assist them  
A wide range of resources for people affected by the bushfires and for those working to assist them have been made available by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

10 February 2009

Immediate support strategies for bushfire survivors  
One of the best things we can do immediately after a disaster is to provide support strategies that promote safety, comfort and help.

9 February 2009

Fire disasters cause psychological stress  
Many people will be psychological victims of the fires sweeping through south-eastern Australia as much as physical or economic victims, warns the Australian Psychological Society (APS).



5 February 2009 

Attack on Medicare rebates for clinical psychology unfounded
The claim by a Canberra academic that higher Medicare rebates are not justified for the provision of clinical psychological services compared to general psychological services is totally unfounded according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS).