26 November 2012

Prepare your mind, not just your house, for disasters this summer

Red Cross and the Australian Psychological Society have published a psychological preparedness guide to help people manage the emotional challenges of living through a disaster.


23 November 2012

Expert warns childhood brain injury can have long-term effects

Children who have suffered a significant head injury are much more likely to have long-term psychological and social problems, according to a neuropsychologist who will be speaking at the Australian Psychological Society Clinical Neuropsychology Annual Conference in Launceston this weekend.

22 November 2012

Independent asylum-seeker health panel vital, psychologists to tell Govt

The establishment of an independent immigration detention health panel is vital, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS), which will present to a Government Senate Committee on the issue this week.


Professor Barry McGaw

11 November 2012

Staying fit and healthy stressing out Australians

A new study conducted by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has revealed that trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle was a source of stress for 40% of Australians, with one in seven (14%) reporting it as a substantial source of stress1.


9 November 2012

Funding cuts will deny effective treatment to people with serious mental health disorders

Many thousands of Australians with serious depression and anxiety disorders will be denied access to effective psychological treatment when Government funding cuts to the Better Access Medicare initiative are activated on 1 January 2013 without any viable alternatives. 

29 September 2012

Brain scans convince us but behavioural measures more relevant, says expert  
Neuroimaging is a useful tool, but strong evidence that brain scans are an effective means of evaluating programs aimed at improving speech and reading is yet to be amassed, according to a leading international neuropsychologist speaking at the 47th APS Annual Conference in Perth this weekend.

29 September 2012

Reducing stress on premature babies aids brain development, study shows

A landmark program to reduce stress experienced by premature babies and foster bonding with their parents promotes brain development and could enhance long-term well-being, according to a leading Australian psychologist presenting this week at the 47th APS Annual Conference in Perth.

28 September 2012

Training in self control may help high performers overcome anxiety

Sports people and other high achievers could benefit from training in how to control their concentration in order to beat performance-related anxiety, according to a leading psychologist presenting at the 47th APS Annual Conference.

27 September 2012

Improved exposure therapy key to  overcoming fears and phobias, psychologist says

A  new approach to programs to combat fears and phobias will increase their  effectiveness over the long term, according to research being presented at the  47th Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference in Perth.

27 September 2012

Public perception of eating  disorders clouded by false beliefs, study shows

Public  understanding of eating disorders is poor, leading to some damaging beliefs,  including that people with eating disorders are more responsible for their  condition than those with some other mental disorders, according to  psychological research being presented at the 47th APS Annual Conference  in Perth this week.

26 September 2012

Support – not pay – the key to school Principals’ performance, psychological study shows

Performance-related pay is unlikely to boost the effectiveness of school leaders, with Principals more likely to benefit from workplace support, according to a researcher who has conducted a large-scale study into the group.

26 September 2012

APS President to launch report examining future of psychology in Australia

A new report setting out the steps required to ensure the future of psychological science in Australia will be launched at the 47th Annual APS Conference in Perth this week.

25 September 2012

Screening can help identify first-time parents likely to experience difficulties

Screening expectant parents can help to identify those likely to experience relationship difficulties and allow for the provision of targeted support, according to research being presented at the APS Annual Conference in Perth this week.

25 September 2012

Focus on psychological health to improve the workplace

A new program developed by the Australian Psychological Society is set to assist organisations to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

24 September 2012

Event alert: Launch of the Australian Psychological Society Reconciliation Action Plan, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Saturday 29 September, 3.30pm

Initiatives to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychologists will be unveiled with the launch of the Australian Psychological Society’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Perth this Saturday.

21 August 2012

Human cost of offshore processing is too high, psychologists warn

Substantially increasing Australia’s refugee intake as a matter of urgency is a positive step that could help prevent vulnerable people boarding unsafe boats and ending up in remote offshore locations, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS).


Wednesday 28 June 2012

People with post-traumatic stress disorder missing out on treatment

A million Australians are suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but a lack of adequately trained mental health workers means that many are not receiving the specialised treatment they need, according to clinical psychologist Professor Mark Creamer, a keynote speaker at the APS Clinical Psychology Conference in Sydney this week.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Research shows family-based therapy effective for anorexia

Families can be taught to help their children overcome anorexia nervosa, according to a leading clinical psychology researcher presenting on family-based therapy (FBT) at the APS Clinical Psychology Conference in Sydney this week.

26 June 2012

Reduce alcohol relapse rates with changes to treatment, says expert

Current treatments for people with alcohol addiction could be improved to reduce high rates of relapse, according to an expert clinical psychologist speaking at the APS Clinical Psychology Conference in Sydney this week.

25 June 2012

Autism shows first signs in under-twos but more funding needed to aid diagnosis

Warning signs of autism spectrum disorders can now be identified in the second year of life, increasing the likelihood of children receiving early treatment to help them to overcome the social, behavioural and cognitive difficulties associated with these conditions, according to a psychologist specialising in the area.

20 June 2012

Children’s problems can predict adult mental health issues - but a solution is at hand

Conduct problems in children are the single most reliable early indicator of adult mental health problems, according to an Australian psychologist and internationally recognised expert in child behaviour research.

15 May 2012

Quality of parenting – not sexuality of parents – key to children’s wellbeing

Research conducted over many years has confirmed that the children of same-sex couples have similar levels of wellbeing to those raised by heterosexual parents, according to the Australian Psychological Society.

14 May 2012

Urgent regulation needed to reduce pokie-fuelled problem gambling, say psychologists

Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs), known as pokies, are a major contributor to problem gambling and they should be regulated to reduce gambling harm to the community, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

3 May 2012

Online suicide prevention training program launched

An online training program designed to provide allied health professionals with the skills and knowledge to work effectively with people at risk of suicide or serious self-harm was launched today in Brisbane by the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing.

3 May 2012

Loss of biodiversity impacts on people and communities too, say psychologists

Environmental degradation and the accompanying loss of biodiversity have an impact on human health and well-being and only a holistic approach will assist both people and natural environments to adapt to that change, according to a recent Australian Psychological Society (APS) submission to the Government.

19 April 2012

Psychologists call for funds to assist with e-health roll out

Psychologists and other allied health providers require assistance to become e-health compliant in time for the program launch, scheduled for July 1, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

11 April 2012

Improved diagnosis and effective services can reduce the impact of dementia

Accurate diagnosis of neurological and psychological conditions suffered by older people, including dementia, is key to reducing both the suffering and the costs associated with these disorders, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

23 March 2012

Time for action on Indigenous mental health

Indigenous mental health continues to be overlooked, despite worrying statistics, according to a leading Aboriginal psychologist and member of the Government’s new National Mental Health Commission, speaking ahead of Close the Gap Day tomorrow.

1 February 2012

Psychologists welcome restoration of services under Medicare

The restoration of mental health services under Medicare will meet the desperate need of many vulnerable Australians, according to the Australian Psychological Society, which has campaigned for the reversal of cuts to the Better Access initiative since they were announced in May 2011.

3 January 2012

Psychologists seek Federal budget commitments for vulnerable Australians

The Federal Government could save $117.5m through cuts to Medicare-funded mental health services, while still reinstating the right to six additional sessions under exceptional circumstances, according to the Australian Psychological Society, which represents 20,000 psychologists around Australia.