School psychologists are employed to apply their psychological and educational expertise to assist students, parents and siblings, teachers and school administrators to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for students. The APS acknowledges that school psychologists deal with many complex student issues and engage in a wide range of professional activities whilst dealing with a number of stakeholders. This means that school psychologists' roles and responsibilities can be somewhat challenging at times. It is therefore essential that school psychologists are well supported, so that they can continue to deliver the important services that they provide. The APS values the work that school psychologists do and is dedicated to providing resources and support to our school psychologist members.

The psychologists in schools online resources pages have been developed to inform school psychologists about latest initiatives, articles of interest, research publications and relevant activities. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, as would ideas for additional areas that would be of interest to you and other members in the education sector.

The APS National Office has established a position dedicated solely to the support of psychologists in schools. The APS Psychologists in Schools Advisor has employment and research experience in school psychology and welcomes feedback and suggestions. You can email the Schools Advisor, Darren Stops, at

APS resources for school psychologists 

This section provides links to current APS resources for school psychologists, which are relevant to the practice of school psychology. These include the APS Standards for the Delivery of School Psychological Services, tip sheets and other useful APS information.

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APS register of school psychologist supervisors

The APS register of school psychologist supervisors comprises a list of APS psychologists who have experience working in primary and/or secondary schools and who are available to provide supervision to other registered psychologists who work in schools. 

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Government-funded child and youth mental health initiatives 

KidsMatter and headspace: two Australian government-funded child and youth mental health initiatives for which the APS is a development partner. 

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Websites and other resources of interest to school psychologists

This section provides links to a number of online external resources, organisations and articles, which are categorised under certain practice issues specific to the work of school psychologists. 

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