is an new initiative of the Australian Psychological Society - it is an online magazine that will help bring the best of psychology to the public.

Psychlopaediaâ„¢ focuses on providing insights and advice that will help people improve their health, relationships, work and performance, as well as busting myths about psychology and growing an understanding of this broad discipline.   It will decipher jargon and offer tips as well as publishing the latest research.  The focus will be on bringing quality evidence-based content to readers in an accessible form.

Benefits/opportunities for members:

  • Members have the opportunity to author articles on psychlopaedia, raise their profile and share their knowledge. Learn More
  • Members/Member Groups can republish psychlopaedia content in on their websites or in their newsletters. Learn more
  • Psychlopaedia is good source of content and psychology news that can be shared on social media feeds 
  • Psychlopaedia will also aggregate the latest news stories on psychology from mainstream outlets as well as sources such as the BPS and APA
  • Psychlopaedia is a useful resource and reference for clients including Tips and jargon-busters.

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