Stress and Wellbeing in Australia 2011 - 2015

Annually, the APS conducts a survey to help understand the factors impacting the wellbeing of Australians.  From 2011 to 2015  the APS conducted its Stress and Wellbeing Survey.  Previous results and reports are available below.

In 2015, for the fifth successive year, the APS conducted the national Stress and wellbeing in Australia survey. As well as measuring Australians' level of stress and wellbeing, this year's survey explored the impact of social media on our wellbeing and behaviour.

In particular, the survey examined how entrenched use of social media is in our lives and to what extent we experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Can Australians switch off from social media without experiencing anxiety? Is staying constantly connected a benefit or a burden? As well as identifying the ways social media is shaping how we behave and relate.

Survey results

APS Stress and wellbeing in Australia survey results 2015

The half decade snapshot shows that Australians are faring worse than they were in 2011 when the survey began, reporting lower levels of wellbeing and workplace wellbeing and higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety symptoms.

Fear of Missing Out survey results 2015

In addition to the Stress and wellbeing in Australia survey, Australian adults as well as group of Australian teens (aged 13-17) were surveyed about their use of social media and their experience of FoMO.


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