Related groups and organisations

  • Psychologists for a Safe Climate  
    This group of psychologists based in Australia contributes psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change.
  • APS Psychology and the Environment Interest Group
    The APS Psychology and the Environment Interest Group represents the strong interest of psychologists in relation to the greening of our profession and the profiling of some of the diverse involvements which psychologists have with ‘the environment’, including the urgency of issues such as climate change, habitat loss, water scarcity, and environmental degradation.
  • The Climate and Health Alliance
    The Climate and Health Alliance was formed in August 2010 and is a coalition of organisations and individuals from a broad cross section of the sector, including health care professionals, health care service providers, institutions, academics, researchers, and health care consumers.
  • Skeptical Science   
    This website was set up by cognitive scientist John Cook to debunk common myths about climate change.  It is full of excellent peer reviewed evidence about climate science as well as the psychology of denial and how to debunk misinformation. 
  • Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)  
    COIN is a ‘think and do’ tank focused on connecting people to climate change and climate change to people.  Their work on climate change communication gathers the best research evidence  and trans­lates it into prac­tical guides.
  • Centre for Climate Change Communication
    This centre at George Mason University has a mission to conduct unbiased public engagement research - and to help government agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies apply the results of this research - so that collectively, we can stabilize our planet's life sustaining climate.
  • Common Cause
    Common Cause is a network of people working to help rebalance cultural values to create a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society.
  • Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology
    American Psychological Association