Psychologists are employed in a range of professional areas and undertake many types  of work. Common settings in which psychologists practice include schools, hospitals, courts, community health services, prisons, businesses, the defence forces and private practice.

Many psychologists work across a number of settings, undertaking varied work, while others specialise in particular professional areas. Some of the most common types of psychology are reflected in the following APS Colleges:

There are many other areas of interest in psychology. Some psychologists work with particular people such as children and families, people with disabilities or those interested in boosting their performance. A number of these areas of interest are represented by the 44 APS Interest Groups.

Members of the public can search for a psychologist with the particular skills they want via the APS FindaPsychologist Service, which provides Australia’s largest listing of psychologists in private practice. Users can use search terms to find a psychologist with the right skills in the right place in Australia.

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