The APS is Australia’s peak psychology body and InPsych magazine is the voice of psychology.

InPsych is a 60-page full-colour magazine published every two months, that keeps psychologists informed about the latest news and developments in regulatory requirements, research and member news and events.


Advertising and insert rates


Full colour Standard rate ($) 3rd advertisement of the 3-ad contract ($)* 6th advertisement of the 6-ad contract ($)**
Full page 2,960 2,072 FREE
Half page 1,780 1,246 FREE
Quarter page (colour/mono) 1,180 826 FREE
Eighth page (colour/mono) 740 518 FREE

Special positions

Inside front cover + $590
Inside back cover

+ $445

Please note: special positions must be full page advertisements and are dependent on editor approval and availability.



Full colour Standard rate
3rd insert of the 3-insert contract ($)* 6th insert of the 6-insert contract ($)**
1x DL
(single or double-sided)
3,110 2,177 FREE
1x A4
(flat, or folded to A5 or DL)
3,420 2,394 FREE
1x A3
(folded to A4, A5 or DL)
3,730 2,611 FREE

Discounts – advertisements and inserts

APS member

APS Member Group

10% off advertising rate

20% off advertising rate

When booking a 3-issue contract a 10% discount applies. The discount is deducted from the third and final booking.

** When booking a 6-issue contract, payment is made separately for 5 bookings and the discount is deducted from the sixth and final booking, resulting in a FREE sixth booking.

All rates include 10% GST.

Advertising deadlines

2017 Deadlines

Issue Booking and payment Material
to the APS
(proof for checking
and approval)
Delivery of printed material to mailhouse
February 30 December 2016 6 January 27 January
April 10 February 24 February 24 March
June 7 April 21 April 19 May
August 9 June 23 June 21 July
October 11 August 25 August 22 September
December 6 October 20 October 17 November

Print numbers and delivery details for the mailing house (in Melbourne, Victoria)
will be provided once the insert is approved by the APS.


Each issue of InPsych is scheduled for distribution by the middle of the month of publication (for example, the April issue is scheduled for distribution by the middle of April). Please make a note of this if your advertisement or insert has dates in it.

Artwork format

Formats for advertising artwork (in this order of preference):

  1. High resolution CMYK PDF
    300 dpi / press ready with crops and 3mm bleed
  2. InDesign – including all graphic and font files
  3. Illustrator EPS – fonts outlined and 300 dpi images embedded
  4. High res TIF or JPEG – CMYK

IMPORTANT NOTE: On Full Page advertising please make sure that all text remains within an 8mm margin from the edge.

Insert format

Maximum paper weight 200gsm
(required to meet total calculated postage allowance)

Total weight (grams)

  • 1x DL (single or double-sided) 7g
  • 1x A4 (flat, or folded to A5 or DL) 7g
  • 1x A3 (folded to A4, A5 or DL) 12g

Artwork specifications


InPsych Ad creation service

If you would like assistance with your advertisement the APS provides two different services for creating your artwork.

Both services include: artwork for one ad layout option and one round of author’s corrections. All content (copy and logos) to be supplied to APS by relevant issue booking deadline.

(Available for quarter and half page ads only)

PREMIUM SERVICE: $300 (Recommended)
(Available for quarter, half and full page ads)

This service is generally used for simple advertisements consisting of text and company logo. The advertiser must supply the following:

  • Logo (if required) preferably in vector file format (ai, eps) or (tif, jpg)
  • Final copy/text

This service is used for advertisements consisting of text, one or more images and company logo. The advertiser must supply the following:

  • Logos in vector file format (ai, eps) or (tif, jpg)
  • Photos/images must be in hi-resolution (300dpi)
  • Final copy/text
  • PDF example of a previous ad style (if available)

Please note: The APS reserves the right to correct spelling errors, redesign ads, request different imagery due to layout or content concerns, or decline requests depending on demand.

Terms and conditions

  • The APS reserves the right to cancel or reject advertising deemed not
    to be in keeping with its scientific and professional aims.
  • All advertisement and insert final artwork must be approved by the APS before publishing. Advertisers are advised not to print their inserts until they receive written confirmation that the insert has been approved.
  • All advertising in APS publications and at APS events must comply with the APS Code of Ethics and any relevant requirements stipulated by the Psychology Board of Australia or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, regardless of whether or not the external advertiser/sponsor is a registered psychologist, or is providing a regulated health service or an education and training program. For details, refer to the ‘Information for advertisers’ document, which can be downloaded at:
  • Where an advertisement is promoting a university course that is not an approved course for the purposes of attaining APS membership, a disclaimer will appear alongside the advertisement to ensure clarity that the APS is not endorsing the course by publishing the advertisement, as follows:
    * This course is not approved for the purposes of attaining APS membership.
  • The APS makes every reasonable effort to publish InPsych according to the distribution schedule. The APS is not liable for any loss or damage incurred by an advertiser as a result of any failure or delay in the distribution of InPsych.
  • Advertising and insert deadlines are included on this form. Advertisers are required to pay in full by the booking and payment deadline for the issue in which the advertisement/insert is to appear (see page 2).
  • Advertisers who select a bulk discount package are required to make payment for each advertisement by the booking and payment deadline for each edition of InPsych in which that advertisement is to appear. The discount will only apply to the last advertisement appearing as part of that advertising package.
  • Bulk advertising packages must be utilised within the stipulated time period and each advertisement must be the same size.
  • If payment has not been received for an advertisement by the deadline date for booking for that edition of InPsych, that advertisement will not
    be published and the cancellation fee will apply. Any bulk discount package will become null and void.
  • The booking will proceed unless the APS is notified of any cancellation in writing prior to the deadline.
  • Cancellation of an advertisement or insert after the booking deadline will
    incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the advertising fee for that advertisement.\
  • Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or cheque.
  • The booking form is a tax invoice upon payment. However, if a separate tax invoice is preferred, please indicate this on your booking form.
  • Where an advertisement is not published through no fault of the advertiser, the advertising fee that has been paid will be refunded.
  • Only four inserts are accepted per issue. Bookings are essential and are
    taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • There is a limit to the number of advertisements per issue. Only one advertisement (or insert) is allowed per advertiser in each edition of InPsych.
  • Advertisements will not be accepted in which the artwork includes ‘cutting along the dotted line’, or any other instruction which requires removal of part of the published InPsych bulletin.
  • Special advertisement positions are subject to editor approval and availability. Extra fees apply. Special position bookings will not be confirmed and payment will not be processed until time of placement for that issue. Positions cannot be booked more than 12 months in advance.


Members of the APS receive InPsych for free. Individuals who are non-members can subscribe directly.

Subscriptions run according to the calendar year i.e. 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016. Late subscribers are supplied with back issues.

  Australia Overseas
(surface mail)
(air mail)
Individuals $115 $120 $155
Institutions $130 $140 $180


Note: Special rates apply for those belonging to member Societies of the International Union of Psychological Science: ($85).

Letters to the editor

Do you have an issue you would like to discuss? Write a letter to the editor!

Letters to the editor should be no more than 300 words in length. By submitting your letter for publication you agree that the letter may be edited for space, legal or other reasons. Selection of letters for publication will consider the breadth of issues covered, avoidance of repetition, and variety of authors.

All letters should be emailed to



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Do you have an issue you would like to discuss?

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