By Aaron McEwan MAPS, National Committee member

The Australian Psychological Society’s Interest Group for Coaching Psychology was created in August 2002 to facilitate the theoretical, applied and professional development of coaching psychology as an emerging subdiscipline of psychology. As a benchmark professional forum, the Interest Group seeks to promote research and professional development in the area of coaching psychology and to engage with the coaching industry generally in Australia. The group is theoretically inclusive, independent of external commercial influences, and adheres to the highest levels of professional integrity in its mission to enhance the professional theory and practice of APS psychologist coaches.

Reflecting the growing popularity of coaching throughout the world, the Coaching Interest Group boasts more than 700 members and has been one of the fastest growing units within the APS for the last three years. An innovative and dynamic National Committee supported by highly active chapters in each State and Territory has ensured that the group continues to grow its membership and deliver the goals outlined in its Terms of Reference.

Along with running high quality professional development events in each State and Territory on a regular basis (e.g., those by Dr Martin Seligman in 2006), the Interest Group also coordinates a bi-annual symposium for its members. These highly anticipated events have proven to be an overwhelming success and have provided a unique opportunity for practitioners to come together to share experience and knowledge regarding the practice of coaching in Australia. Last year’s symposium provided delegates with some truly inspiring sessions including keynotes from Dr Robert Hogan, an international authority on personality assessment, leadership, and organisational effectiveness, and Dr David Lane, a renowned academic and practitioner and Director of the Professional Development Foundation in the UK.

Another great achievement of the Interest Group in the last few years has been the creation of the International Coaching Psychology Review (ICPR). Launched in 2006, the ICPR is a joint venture of the respective interest groups in coaching psychology of the British Psychological Society and the Australian Psychological Society. This peer-reviewed academic and professional publication focuses on the theory, research and practice of coaching psychology. Co-edited by Prof Stephen Palmer in the UK and Dr Michael Cavanagh in Australia, the ICPR is published twice per year and is now into its second edition. It is hoped that the ICPR will eventually become a top tier publication
in coaching.

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