Cover of APS Anxiety Tip SheetAPS Tip Sheets inform clients about a range of psychological issues and how psychologists can help. They are a great resource for private practitioners and other health professionals, especially GPs.

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All tip sheets are available to order as hard copy except where stipulated. 

Tip Sheet tips 

There are many ways you can use APS Tip Sheets as a marketing resource for your practice. Start by always remembering to place your practice's name and address stamp in the empty box provided on the back page, then try the following ideas:

  • Distribute Tip Sheets to clients and their families as an extra tool for education and understanding
  • When updating a GP about a jointly managed patient, enclose an Tip Sheet and business card. GPs are a great distribution channel for Tip Sheets
  • Enclose a Tip Sheet with every introduction/thank you letter you send to referral sources
  • Display Tip Sheets in your waiting room
  • Mail Tip Sheets to phone enquirers
  • Distribute Tip Sheets at public speaking engagements
  • Invite companies you work with to provide Tip Sheets to employees through their HR department
  • Provide to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contacts
  • Ask your local sports/recreational centre or allied health professional to display Tip Sheets
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