Reconciliation involves building mutually respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other Australians, to enable everyone to work together to solve problems, celebrate Indigenous cultures and to generate success that is in the best interests of everyone.

Doing Reconciliation Locally: RAP Implementation Tips for Member GroupsTo achieve the actions and targets set out in our Reconciliation Action Plan we need the support of our members and member groups.  Real change will come about through the actions of individuals and the influence you can have on your employer, peers and professional groups.

Doing Reconciliation Locally: RAP Implementation Tips for Member Groups [member access only] was developed to provide guidance on several key areas in order to assist member groups to implement the RAP at their local level.  This is a dynamic document so your feedback is very much encouraged.

A great way to start your reconciliation journey is by using the APS Self-reflection Tool

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance GroupWadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group, 47th APS Annual Conference Opening Ceremony

Other ways you can implement the RAP at a local level include:

  • Implementing cultural protocols such as Acknowledgement of Country at member group or organisational levels
  •  Supporting and mentoring Indigenous psychology students (contact ATSIPP or AIPA for further information on existing mentoring programs)
  • Considering supervising Indigenous psychology graduates as interns or registrars
  • Nominating an Indigenous psychology student for an award (eg. Bendi Lango fund; ATSIPP Indigenous Student Conference Attendance Award)
  • Developing relationships and partnerships with your local Indigenous community
  • Attending, arranging and/or promoting cultural competence training
  • Developing an Indigenous employment strategy in your workplace
  • Recognising and celebrating significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dates
  • Sharing your experiences of reconciliation in your work, member group or studies
  • Joining the RAP mailing list
  • Reading, talking and listening to enhance your understanding and cultural competence, and sharing it with others
  • Becoming a member of Supply Nation to increase your engagement with Indigenous suppliers and service providers
  • Donate, as a member or member group, to the Bendi Lango fund

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