Learn more about where studying the science of human behaviour has taken these members of the Australian Psychological Society.

Tracey Wade Tracey Wade, working in academic psychology
Tony Paolini Antonio Paolini, working in biological psychology
Rita Princi Rita Princi, working in child, adolescent & family psychology
Wendy Wendy Longley, working in clinical Neuropsychology
Cindy Cindy Wall, working in clinical psychology
Frances Frances Martin, working in cognitive psychology
Meg Meg Smith, working in community psychology
Nicole Nicole Detering, working in counselling psychology
Darren Darren Stops, working in educational & developmental psychology
Rob Rob Hall, working in environmental psychology
David David Whittingham, working in forensic psychology
Evelyn Evelyn Howe, working in health psychology
Peter Peter Renshaw, working in human factors psychology
Graham Graham Chant, working in market research
Glen Glen Menezes, working as a psychologist in the military
Joanne Joanne Fitzgerald, working in organisational psychology
Jason Jason Mattingly, working in research psychology
Melisah Melisah Feeney, working in social psychology
Ruth Ruth Anderson, working in sports psychology

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