The APS Institute hosts regular webinars on topical issues relevant to psychologists. Before you register for a webinar, please read the webinar FAQs.

Effects of social media on mental health NEW

This webinar is arranged by ePsychology Interest Group. It explores the relationship between SNS use and mental health outcomes, focusing on Facebook and its use by young people. Five main outcomes will be discussed, including: Facebook addiction, anxiety, depression, body image and disordered eating, and drinking cognitions and alcohol use.

Webinar series: School psychology, ethics and the law

The APS Institute and the Professional Practice team are proud to present a new 4 part webinar series unpacking the ethical and legal issues facing School psychologists. A range of experts will explore the multiple and complex ethical and legal issues which arise in this work.

When you register for this webinar, you will receive the webinar recording, powerpoint slides, knowledge assessment quiz and certificate of completion when you have completed the quiz.

  1. Ethical challenges for school psychologists and problem-solving models for ethical dilemmasCOMPLETED EVENT
    Thursday 3 August 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  2. Confidentiality and privacy issues for psychologists who work in schoolsCOMPLETED EVENT
    Thursday 17 August 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  3. Negotiating the legal frameworks that apply to schools and school psychology; what every psychologist should knowCOMPLETED EVENT
    Thursday 31 August 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  4. Best practice case notes and report writing to address legal issues and risks for school psychologistsCOMPLETED EVENT
    Thursday 14 September 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

Webinar Series: Managing and understanding the impact of organisational change on yourself and your workplace

Presented by Scott Way, founder and Director of BDO industrial and Organisational Psychology. If you work in the Public Sector, Non-Government environment or Private practice, this 4-Part webinar series will facilitate your understanding and appreciation of ‘change’ and how to manage and respond positively to it at an individual, team and organisational level.

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  1. Context is EverythingCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  2. Understanding People’s capacity to cope with changeCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  3. Contemporary Models of ChangeCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  4. From Change to Challenge to Opportunity
    Tuesday, 3 October 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

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Webinar Series: Beyond diagnosis - what else matters?

The APS Institute and Public Interest teams are collaborating on this new Webinar Series “Beyond diagnosis – what else matters to clients’ health and wellbeing?”

This webinar series explores the value of utilising a Social Determinants of Health-SDoH (the physical, economic, political, personal and social environment) approach to expand the way we think about mental health. Applications of a resource developed by the APS Public Interest team to assist psychologists to incorporate an SDoH approach into their practice will also be explored.

Eight selected presenters will utilise case studies and practice examples to explore how a SDoH approach can be employed in everyday psychological practice to improve outcomes for the clients and communities we serve. A diverse range of clients and communities including young people, clients experiencing violence and discrimination, and rural, regional, remote and Indigenous communities will be explored.

So join us, and our expert group, as we explore this critical new way to think about what matters most in psychological practice*

  1. The bigger picture:  Why should psychologists care about SDoHCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday 4 April 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  2. Improving the scope of practice:  Working with clients impacted by systems of discrimination, violence and oppressionCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday 2 May 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  3. Applying a Social Determinants of Health approach in rural, regional and remote and Indigenous community practice contextsCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday 13 June 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

  4. The way we work:  how local engagement and healthy workplaces matter to psychologists and their clientsCOMPLETED EVENT
    Tuesday 4 July 2017, 7-8.30pm AEST

* When you register for this webinar, you will receive the webinar recording, power point slides, knowledge assessment quiz and certificate of completion when you have completed the quiz.
For more information about the Social Determinants of Health, click here to listen to three clinical, counselling and community psychologists discussing the relevance of this approach in their work.