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The 2018 APS Congress will be held in Sydney from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September 2018


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APS College course approval

The APS College Course Approval Guidelines for Postgraduate Professional Courses specify the requirements for postgraduate courses in nine areas of practice.

APS assessors evaluate programs against the APS College Course Approval Guidelines on behalf of the Australian Psychological Society.

The aim of the assessment is to ensure that students completing an APS-approved professional postgraduate degree achieve a level of professional competence which meets the needs of clients and the community more generally, and obtain suitable preparation for membership of the relevant College and for endorsement in a specific area of practice.

The APS has a close working relationship with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).  Although the APS approvals assessment process is separate to the accreditation process performed by APAC, site assessments at higher education providers are scheduled concurrently with the APAC site visit.  The assessors are experienced education representatives of the nine APS Colleges. They examine how well programs meet the Guidelines and provide recommendations to achieve full course approval.

Enquiries about the process of College Course Approval should be directed to the Coordinator, Science and Education, at science@psychology.org.au, or by telephoning (03) 8662 3300.


New APAC Standards (January 2019) have been released following approval by the Psychology Board of Australia. The new APAC Standards include Professional Competencies for Specialised Areas of Practice. These standards will replace the College Course Approval Guidelines for the nine areas of practice. See College Course Approvals FAQ's and 2018 Transition to new APAC Standards for further information.

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2018 transition to new APAC standards

Transition arrangements from current APAC (2010) Standards and College Course Approval Guidelines (2013) to the 2019 APAC Standards.

For 2018:

  1. All postgraduate professional programs undergoing 5-year cycle reviews in 2018 will require a College Course Approval assessment as per the current processes
  2. New postgraduate programs, scheduled to begin in 2018, are also subject to College Course Approval Review
  3. Programs assessed within the period 1 January 2015 to  31 December 2018 need to adhere to the College Course Approvals guidelines (Feb 2013) and APAC standards (June 2010) until their next 5 year cycle assessment. 
  4. Changes in programs approved until the end of 2018 need to be communicated to the APS
  5. Discontinued programs: for all programs up to the end of 2018, annual reporting of students remaining in the program is required for continued conditional approval. 

Five-year reviews and new programs from 2019: 

  • As of  January 2019 the APS will no longer perform 5 year cycle College Course Approval site assessments unless the assessment is a follow up site visit to a visit performed by us in 2018 or earlier.
  • New programs intended to be introduced in 2019 should follow the new APAC standards (January 2019) 
  • Existing programs due to be reassessed for the new 5 year cycle under college course approvals in 2019 will also need to adhere to the APAC standards (January 2019). You will be notified at the end of 2018 if this applies to your university.

For further information visit our College course approval FAQ page or contact us at science@psychology.org,au

Guidelines for approval

The new APAC standards (January 2019) should be read in conjunction with the APAC Standards for Psychology Programs Evidence Guide.

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FAQs: College course approvals

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