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2009 Bendi Lango bursary recipient

Natasha Perry

The Bendi Lango bursary has had a significant impact on my life since commencing post-graduate study. The financial assistance allows me to have peace of mind that I am still able to maintain quality of life whilst studying. As studying takes up a vast amount of time both with course work and placements, the bursary reduces the pressure to continue with paid employment. This then allows me to concentrate further on my studies.

The bursary allows me to continue voluntary placements in a full-time capacity without having to focus on earning an income. This enables me to continue the degree at a full-time capacity rather than stretching it out to part-time. By remaining full-time I am able to earn a living at the end of my degree, sooner.

Moreover, the bursary has given me the freedom to undertake more specific placements in line with my learning goals. I am now in Alice Springs completing a six-week placement here in Indigenous mental health. Having the additional financial assistance allows me to take leave of absence from work without worrying about finances. The living allowance enables me to meet all of my necessary livings essentials.

Since being supported by Bendi Lango I have been able to further enhance my learning and transfer to the Doctorate of Clinical and Health Psychology. This means that I am not only about to focus on clinical psychology but also on health, which impacts significantly on social and emotional well-being among the Indigenous community.

I am extremely grateful and proud to have such support by Bendi Lango and the Australian Psychological Society. Bendi Lango allowed me to commence and to continue my tertiary education. I am looking forward to learning more about clinical and health psychology to be able to better assist those in need of services.