Position Statement

Psychological testing is an integral part of a wider assessment process that brings together information from a range of sources to benefit the client.

The administration and scoring of a psychological test is undertaken by a psychologist who is fully familiar with the test instrument or by a person trained in the administration and scoring of the test who is working under the direct supervision of a psychologist.

The interpretation of the results of a psychological test and the integration of these results with other assessment information (e.g., interviews, observations) is only undertaken by psychologists who have a sound knowledge of the administration, scoring and interpretation of the particular test instrument being used and of the psychological theory and particular test theory underlying that test.

Psychologists ensure that they select and use psychological tests that are based soundly on theory, have adequate psychometric properties, are appropriate to the testing situation, and take account of client characteristics including age, gender, cultural background, language ability and mental state to ensure that the testing will yield meaningful information about the individual or individuals being tested.

Psychologists who undertake psychological testing or who read and interpret psychological reports describing psychological testing take all necessary steps including ongoing professional development to ensure that they maintain an up- to-date knowledge and skill base, including the administration, scoring and interpretation of new tests or new editions that are of relevance to their area of practice.

Psychologists undertaking psychological testing abide by the APS Code of Ethics and the Guidelines for Psychological Assessment and the Use of Tests and recognise the importance of practising only within their areas of competence.

Protection from inappropriate public exposure to psychological tests and test materials including test protocols or record forms is the responsibility of the psychologist.

Access to psychological test data is restricted to psychologists or individuals who are trained in test administration working under the direct supervision of psychologists.