In May 2016, the APS hosted a Roundtable on Social Cohesion in a Multicultural Society. This formed part of the 2016 Presidential Initiative.

You can view the introduction and presentations by the five catalytic speakers below.


Professor Mike Kyrios, President, APS

The background to the roundtable along with the key objectives of the day.

What is social cohesion?

Professor Kate Reynolds, Research School of Psychology, Australian National University

Social psychology and social cohesion: A close look at the evidence


Mrs Shehzi Yusaf, Clinical Psychologist and Convener for Psychology from an Islamic Perspective Interest Group

The meaning of social cohesion: The "other" perspective

What are the threats to social cohesion?

Dr Clarke Jones, Co-director, Australian Intervention Support Hub, Australian National University

Community engagement and building community-led intervention in Australia

Where are the gaps, and what can psychology offer?

Adjunct Professor Diane Bretherton, Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland

Promoting peace and social cohesion


Associate Professor Winnifred Louis, School of Psychology, University of Queensland

Evidence-based social cohesion?