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Knowledge assessment, Part 1 Board-Approved Supervisor Training

Event number: 13763
10 CPD hours
APS Institute CPD

Part 1 of supervisor training takes the form of on-line course delivery of the knowledge component of training. The on-line course is comprised of three modules:

Module 1

  1. Models of supervision including developmental and psychotherapy-based models
  2. Competency approaches as a pedagogical development and as supervision model
  3. Definition and classification of competencies
  4. Current competency-based models of supervision
  5. Implications of competency-based models on supervision practice
    • The competency-based developmental plan (CDP)as the blueprint for supervision: Rationale and pedagogic principles
    • Formulating SMART competencies
    • Tailoring supervisory methods to competency types
    • Selecting appropriate assessment tasks to track competencies over time
    • Implementing a CDP: Challenges and solutions
    • Using evidence-based and pedagogically sound evaluation of one’s own supervisory practice
    • Best practice guidelines concerning CDP design and implementation

Module 2

  1. Definition, scope and purposes of supervision
  2. Supervisor roles and responsibilities in the Australian context
  3. Practice and supervisory requirements for 4+2 pathway to registration
  4. Practice and supervisory requirements for 5+1 pathway to registration
  5. Practice and supervisory requirements for professional master’s pathway to registration
  6. Practice and supervisory requirements for registrar training programs

Module 3

  1. Key ethical and legal aspects of supervision
  2. Ethics codes for supervision
  3. Board and legal requirements in supervision including issues arising from mandatory reporting, management of impairment and illness.
  4. Common ethical issues in supervision including vicarious liability, dual relationships, practising within one’s competence, informed consent and confidentiality
  5. Assessing knowledge, knowledge application and competence in making ethical judgments

Learning materials
Enrolees for this course will be provided with instructional text and explanatory materials on each topic, along with reading materials, links to open access registration guidelines and standards and, where applicable, multimedia instructional material to support textual content.

Prerequisite requirements

Enrolees for this course will be psychologists who have held general registration for at least eighteen months in accordance with the Psychology Board of Australia’s Supervision FAQ. Enrolees’ general registration status, date of first registration, and area/s of endorsement will be verified independently against data available on the Register of Practitioners.

The APS will notify the Board if there is a discrepancy between information regarding eligibility that has been provided by the enrolee and information contained on the Register of Practitioners.

Assessment and results reporting
Enrolees for the course must successfully complete an on-line assessment in order to pass the course and obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Successful completion of Board-Approved Supervisor Training Part 1: Knowledge assessment is a prerequisite for the next stage of supervisor training, Board-Approved Supervisor Training Part 2: Skills Based Training Workshop.
As a condition of approval to be a supervisor training provider, the APS Institute is required to notify the Psychology Board of Australia of enrolees’ results on Part 1 Knowledge assessment, including: enrolees’ names; registration numbers; and whether the outcome constituted a pass or fail.

The APS Institute is also required to provide the Psychology Board of Australia with annual summary data on: the number of persons who pass or fail; the percentage of persons passing or failing as a function of the number of test attempts taken; and summary enrolee evaluations of the course.

CPD Hours
In addition to constituting Part 1 of Board-approved supervisor training, this course constitutes 10 hours of APS CPD.

Enrolment Period
Access to the course materials will be for 3 (three) months from the initial enrolment date. Enrolees who do not manage to complete the course within three months of registering will be deemed to have failed the course.

What do you need to access this course?

Click here to view the technical requirements for accessing this online course.

The APS Institute recommends that persons considering the online training should read its eLearning FAQs.



Becoming a Board-approved supervisor

In addition to completing the 3 (three) phases of Board-approved supervisor training (Part 1: Knowledge assessment; Part 2: Skills Based Training Workshop; and Part 3: Competency-based assessment and evaluation), there are also minimum eligibility requirements for secondary supervisors of 2 years of holding general registration, for primary supervisors of 3 years of holding general registration, and for supervisors of registrars in an endorsed area of practice of 2 years of holding endorsement in that approved area of practice. Determinations about who may be a Board-approved supervisor rest exclusively with the Psychology Board of Australia. Psychologists wishing to become Board-approved supervisors, upon completion of full training, should make application to that Board using the Board’s application form.

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