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Ethical decision making in psychology

Event number: 15667
10 CPD hours
APS Institute CPD

This online course offers an overview of ethical principles and standards in psychology followed by a thorough analysis of models of ethical decision making that are relevant for understanding and negotiating the challenges and pitfalls that are part of everyday psychological practice. The course provides a refresher for psychologists on models of ethical decision making and the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines. It also provides an opportunity for provisional psychologists who are preparing for the national psychology examination to apply these decision making models to complex ethical dilemmas. The course covers an introduction to ethics, ethical standards and legislation guiding psychological practice, consent, confidentiality, and professional boundaries, and finally ethical decision making in daily practice. Eight complex ethical scenarios are analyzed using a step-wise ethical decision making model.

By the end of this course you will: understand the general principles and specific standards underpinning ethical practice; develop a sound working knowledge of relevant codes of conduct and legislation; enhance your understanding of ethical issues and ethical dilemmas relevant for your professional practice as a psychologist; develop further your abilities in ethical reasoning and decision making; and be better prepared for the national psychology examination.

Duration of enrolment

The course duration is 6 months from the date of your course registration.

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10 hours of APS Institute CPD supplemented by additional hours of personal research and reading.

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