The ACT Branch 2nd Year Prize for Studies in Psychology acknowledges excellence in studies in psychology at an early stage of a psychology program in order to encourage interest and enthusiasm for studies in psychology and to increase awareness of the Society and its contributions to the development of young psychologists.


(a) The ACT Branch is responsible for administering the Award and for funding of the Award.

(b) The ACT Branch committee will arrange for delivery and presentation of the Award.


(a) Nominees need not be members of the Society.

(b) Nominees must be students completing an APAC-accredited undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Canberra or the Australian National University.

(c) The Award may only be conferred upon students who have completed their second year of studies in psychology within six (6) months of the date for close of nominations.

Nomination process

A call for nominations for the ACT Branch 2nd Year Prize for Studies in Psychology will be provided to the Heads of Department of the University of Canberra and the Australian National University.

Candidates will be nominated by the Head of Department of those institutions.

Selection criteria

a) Judging will be conducted by the undergraduate course convener at each university and will be based on the highest aggregate mark across all 2nd year psychology units.

b) Units completed in 2nd year from other areas of study will not contribute to the mark for the prize.

Value of the award

Successful candidates for the ACT Branch 2nd Year Prize for Studies in Psychology will receive an award of $250 and a certificate.

Closing date

Closing date to be advised

Additional information can be obtained from:

Member Groups Administrator
Tel: 03 8662 3300

Previous winners

2012 Alexandra VOCE Louisa Alexandra Talipski
2011  n/a Kimbra Louise Ransley
2010  n/a Joanne Lesley Kirchner
2009 Christina Donnelly KahEe Yong
2008   Jennifer Truong
2007   Jenna Priestly
2006   Tegan Cruwys
2005   Catherine Jones