The APS Sydney Branch Outstanding Lecturer in Psychology Award encourages psychology students to take an active role in and promotion of the Society through the nomination from each university in Sydney of a psychology lecturer who most inspires, motivates and enthuses students with delivery of content and engagement.



  1. The Sydney Branch Committee is responsible for administering the Award and for sponsorship of the Awards.
  2. The Sydney Branch Committee will appoint a selection committee comprising the Chair of the Sydney Branch and student representatives from each of the Sydney based universities offering APAC accredited undergraduate psychology courses to be responsible for recommending Award winner(s) to the Board.
  3. The Chair of the Sydney Branch Committee will invite each university's recipient of the Award to make a brief presentation on their current research during APS National Psychology Week.
  4. Award Certificates will be presented during National Psychology Week.
  5. Award winners, together with the focus of the lecturer-presentations, are to be released to the media and to be recorded on the Sydney Branch pages of the Society's website.


  1. Nominees need not be a member of the Society.  
  2. The nominee must be teaching in an APAC accredited course in psychology at one of the Sydney based universities.
  3. Previous winners are not precluded from being nominated.


Nomination Process

  1. The student representatives on the Sydney Branch selection committee will be responsible for distributing a survey at each of the universities they represent to determine nominations for the Outstanding Lecturer of the year at their University.
  2. Voting will typically open in July
  3. The survey votes will be tallied and the lecturer with the most votes from each university will be the proposed winner for the Award at that university.

Value of the Award

Successful candidates for the APS Sydney Branch Outstanding Lecturer in Psychology Award will receive a certificate and be given the opportunity to present their current work during National Psychology Week.


Closing date

The Award closing date is September.

Member Groups Administrator
Tel: 03 8662 3300

Previous winners






Dr Wayne Warburton

Mr David Mutton

Dr Karen Gonsalkorale

Dr Damien Mannion

Dr Thomas Whitford

Dr Caleb Owens

Dr Wayne Warburton

Dr Kell Tremayne

2011 Not awarded
2010 Not awarded
2009  Dr Tom Denson