The APS Interest Group on the Psychology of Relationships is calling for nominations for the Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award.

The Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award promotes the development of higher degree research regarding relationships, relationship education and/or relationship therapy within the discipline of psychology.


  1. The Psychology of Relationships Interest Group is responsible for administering the Award and for funding of the Award.
  2. The National Committee for the Interest Group on the Psychology of Relationships will appoint a selection committee of at least three (3) members of the Interest Group to be responsible for recommending an appropriate recipient of the Award to the Board.
  3. The Award will be presented at the Psychology of Relationships Interest Group Annual Conference and will be announced in InPsych.


Nominees must have completed a higher degree (Masters, Professional Doctorate, PhD) within one (1) year of the date of nominating for the Award.

Nomination process

  1. A call for nominations for the Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award should:
    1. be advertised in in the February or earlier InPsych;
    2. be provided to the Heads of Department of each tertiary institution that has independent membership of the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.
  2. Nominations may be accepted from the nominee, a colleague of the nominee or a Head of Department.
  3. Nominations are to be made by submitting the thesis title and abstract, and the reports of the thesis examiners by the date set in the call for nominations. 
  4. A journal length article based on the thesis and/or a copy of the thesis may be required.

Selection criteria

In judging the nominations for the Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award, the selection committee will assess the scientific merit of the thesis and the contribution of the research to theory and/or practice in the field of the psychology of relationships.

Value of the award

Successful candidates for the Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award will receive an award of $300 and a certificate.

Closing date

Nominations close on 31 October

Dr Ross Wilkinson
Psychology of Relationships Interest Group Treasurer
School of Psychology, Building 39, Australian National University
ACT 0200

Previous winners







Dr Yixin Jiang

How do I Love Thee? Adult Attachment and Reinforcement Sensitivity

Dr Kelly-Ann Allen

In pursuit of belonging: A Socio-ecological perspective of school belonging in secondary school settings

Dr Belinda Harris
Motivations for Forgiveness, Forgiveness, and Mental Heal


Dr David Pasalich
Parent-child processes in childhood conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits: An observational analysis


Dr Jeremy Goldring
The development of an Implicit Association Test for measuring forgiveness


Dr Adam Gerace
The Influence of Past Experience on the Process of Perspective Taking

Dr Mandy Matthewson
Do Mothers and Fathers Differentially Contribute to Sons’ and Daughters’ Anxiety?


Dr Wendy Ducat  
Self and Partner Qualities in Emerging Adults’ Heterosexual Romantic Relationships: A Self-Determination Approach to Individual Well-Being


Gery Karantzas
An investigation of family care giving from an attachment theory perspective 


Dr Alexandra West; Dr Lauren Breen 


Dr Zoe Pearce; Dr Debra Campbell


not awarded 


Dr Christine Wood


not awarded


not awarded


Dr Grania Sheehan


Dr Roger Brink


not awarded