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2018 APS Congress

The 2018 APS Congress will be held in Sydney from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September 2018


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The Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET) is one of the three Divisions of the APS. DPRET was created in 2013 to give a voice to, and represent the interests of, APS members principally engaged in research, formal teaching or another scholarly undertaking in a field of psychology for or in conjunction with an education institution and/or research institution. The work of DPRET has the potential to have a positive impact on all psychologists in Australia through endeavours to:

1) Improve psychology education and training models for the current and future psychology workforce,

2) Increase the level of funding for psychological scientists

3) Provide the latest evidence-based psychological research to inform best practice of psychology.

The aims of DPRET are to:

  • Raise the profile of psychological research, education and training in Australia
  • Advocate for greater research and funding opportunities for psychology in Australia
  • Advocate for changes to policy and inform policy formulation to improve the impact and reach of psychological research in Australia
  • Provide leadership and advocate for improvements to psychological education and training and adequate higher education funding
  • Listen to and incorporate feedback from APS members on DPRET initiatives

Have something that you would like discussed by the DPRET Forum, or have a query regarding the work of DPRET? We are happy to receive your feedback. Email the topic or query to science@psychology.org.au and we will endeavour to answer your query and/or raise the topic for discussion at the DPRET Forum.

The DPRET Forum began in 2013 for the purpose of representing DPRET members and implementing the aims of DPRET. Members of the DPRET Forum include the APS President, Executive Director, senior and early career psychological scientists and educators from across Australia and a representative from Secondary Education. The DPRET Forum is supported by the APS Science and Education Team. The diversity of the DPRET Forum membership serves to provide input across the breadth of psychology and from different stages of the psychology education and academic / research career pathways.
The DPRET Forum consists of a number of working groups, including:

  • The Prizes and Awards Working Group reviews and recommends recipients for the APS Science Awards
  • The Periodicals Advisory Committee works to improve the quality and standing of the APS journals
  • The Teaching and Training Working Group addresses the education and training of psychologists at the secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • The Research Funding Advocacy Working Group considers the manner in which psychological research is funded, and the adequacy of that funding
  • The University Funding Working Group lobbies for funding for undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs.

The DPRET Forum meets four times a year, and releases regular communiqués via email and the APS website to APS members and other stakeholders in science and education. The Communiqué aims to share the discussion items, outcomes and future directions of DPRET, as raised at the DPRET Forum meetings, and to invite your input into topics and issues that you would like to be discussed at upcoming DPRET Forum meetings.

In order to be eligible to be a member of the Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training a person must:

a) be a Member of the Society;

b) be principally engaged in research, formal teaching or another scholarly undertaking in a field of psychology for or in conjunction with an education institution and/or research institution;and

c) satisfy any other requirements imposed by the Board from time to time.

Examples to assist you:

  • Do I work principally in the field of psychology as a teacher, academic and/or researcher in a school, higher eduaction provider or research centre? if YES- you are eligible to be a member of DPRET
  • Do I work principally as a psychology practitioner in a school, higher education or research setting (e.g. student welfare officer, counsellor, career adviser)? if YES -based on your current circumstances you are ineligbile to be a member of DPRET.