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Member assistance

The Member Assistance Centre answers member enquiries regarding national registration, areas of practice endorsement, and CPD requirements.

Often, other members have asked the same or similar questions as you. So please read the frequently asked questions below before submitting your question. If your question isn't listed, fill in the form below to submit it to MAC.

You can also contact the Member Assistance Centre by telephoning the National Office on 1800 333 497.

Frequently Asked Questions


APS fee reductions may be available to members who are experiencing reduced incomes related to contexts such as maternity/paternity leave, health issues, studying, retirement, financial hardship or temporary residence overseas.

Click here for information about APS fee reductions.

CPD activities are not required to be endorsed by the APS in order to be counted towards your CPD requirements. The selection of activities undertaken needs to be based on your identified areas for development and improvement, as documented in the annual learning plan that you are required to prepare. It is the responsibility of each individual psychologist to make his or her own judgement about the relevance of activities. In the event of an audit by the Psychology Board of Australia, you will need to be able to justify this relevance.

Arrangements for monitoring of CPD compliance for Clinical Psychology Medicare providers changed at the end of 2012. Medicare Australia now monitors the CPD compliance of Clinical Psychology Medicare providers by checking whether psychologists have maintained an ongoing endorsement in clinical psychology with the Psychology Board of Australia.

The response to the question above (add anchored reference to anchor #exemption) on maternity leave also applies to this question.

Please note that APS membership fee reductions may be available to applicants experiencing reduced incomes related to their health issues. Click here for information about APS fee reductions.

There is a range of CPD requirements for registered psychologists set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), Medicare Australia and the APS depending on individual circumstances. When seeking an exemption psychologists need to ensure they follow the relevant process with each organisation.

Psychologists who hold general registration can apply to the PsyBA for an exemption of CPD requirements in special circumstances. The PsyBA Policy for the Exemption of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements outlines the requirements and application process. You will need to apply for an exemption from the relevant PsyBA Regional Board for your State/Territory and request notification of your reduced requirements in writing from the PsyBA.

For both Medicare Psychology and Medicare Clinical Psychology providers, where an exemption has been granted by the PsyBA that applies to CPD related to general registration as a psychologist or endorsement in clinical psychology, this exemption will be recognised by Medicare Australia.

The APS will honour CPD exemptions and pro rata arrangements granted by the PsyBA. Members are required to monitor any exemptions and pro rata arrangements themselves, and at the time of the next annual APS membership renewal indicate through a declaration that they have complied with any adjusted CPD requirements applicable to their APS membership.

You may be eligible for a membership fee reduction for reduced income while on maternity or paternity leave.

Click here for information about APS fee reductions.

Click here for more information about CPD requirements and exemptions in the detailed guidelines.

Click here for information on the PsyBA CPD exemption policy, which also outlines how to apply.

As an APS member you have access to the APS online CPD logging tool to make changes or add CPD activities to your log, generate a report, and if necessary switch to a previous cycle.

To switch to a previous cycle click the ‘Switch to another CPD cycle’ button which is located on the right side under the menu tabs. A pop-up box will appear where you can click ‘Change cycle’ to switch to the cycle you want.

The APS online CPD logging system allows members to indicate if they have been granted a pro rata CPD arrangement by the PsyBA. It has not been possible to program the APS logging system in a consistent way to accurately reflect individual pro rata arrangements. Instead, members will be able to adjust their CPD profile in the system to show that they have been granted a pro rata arrangement by the PsyBA and will then receive a warning indicator on their CPD summary page as a reminder that the individual pro rata CPD requirements need to be personally monitored.

The APS online CPD logging tool is provided as a member benefit to enable members to monitor their CPD and track their compliance with their individual CPD requirements. It is optional for members to log CPD using the online tool.

The APS does not use the online logging tool to monitor CPD compliance, nor is any information on members’ CPD compliance forwarded to the PsyBA or Medicare Australia.

From 1 July 2013, the PsyBA introduced new requirements requiring supervisors to complete mandatory PsyBA-approved supervisor training in order to gain PsyBA approved supervisor status.

A psychologist who wishes to gain PsyBA-approved status therefore needs to first complete the required supervisor training before applying.

Transition arrangements were made for any psychologist who was already on the list of PsyBA-approved supervisors on 30 June 2013. They have until 30 June 2018 to complete the required supervisor training.

Psy-BA approved supervisor status is required for the following contexts:

  • supervising provisional psychologists undertaking a 4+2 internship program or a 5+1 internship program
  • supervising postgraduate students undertaking placements as part of an APAC-accredited professional psychology training program
  • supervising psychologists undertaking a registrar program leading to endorsement in an approved area of practice.

Supervisors who provide peer consultation or supervision for general professional development purposes to other registered psychologists, provide line management of other registered psychologists, or who supervise psychological research projects are not required to obtain PsyBA approval to undertake these supervision arrangements.

Further information on the arrangements for mandatory supervisor training can be found in the PsyBA FAQs section available from the PsyBA website. - http://www.psychologyboard.gov.au/Standards-and-Guidelines/FAQ/Supervision-FAQ.aspx

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