The APS Teaching, Learning and Psychology Interest Group was formally established following the 2007 APS Conference. The formation of the new Interest Group reflects the increased interest in investigating, understanding and developing teaching and learning in psychology across a range of contexts, particularly tertiary and secondary education and training. The Interest Group aims to build upon the knowledge and networks established by a series of recent initiatives supported by the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (now the Australian Learning and Teaching Council) and its predecessor, the Australian Universities Teaching Committee (AUTC). Many of the APS members who petitioned for the creation of the new Interest Group were involved in meetings and forums held under the auspices of these initiatives.

The Group is particularly focused on expanding the Australian Psychology Educators Network (APEN). APEN was originally established as the result of an AUTC/Carrick project, "Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development in Psychology", which was undertaken by Professor Ottmar Lipp, Professor Deborah Terry, Professor Denise Chalmers, Dr Debra Bath, Dr Greg Hannan, Dr Frances Martin, Professor Gerry Farrell, Professor Peter Wilson, and Dr Stephen Provost between 2004 and 2006. More recently, the work of this project has been carried forward by two related initiatives directed by Associate Professor Jacquelyn Cranney - a Carrick Associate Fellowship project, "Sustainable and evidence-based learning and teaching approaches to the undergraduate psychology curriculum", and a Carrick discipline-based initiative, "Designing a future-oriented vision for undergraduate psychology in Australia".

The initial intent of the Interest Group is to promote the dissemination of the knowledge and resources generated by the three AUTC/Carrick initiatives, and consolidate the networks that have coalesced around these initiatives. Beyond this, the Group aims to support the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and resources, and foster expanding networks among a broad range of psychology educators.

Terms of Reference of the APS Teaching, Learning and Psychology Interest Group

  1. To facilitate communication, exchange, and the development of communities of practice among stakeholders in teaching and learning in psychology
  2. To promote and recognise excellence in the teaching of psychology
  3. To enhance the learning experiences of students of psychology
  4. To enable the dissemination of knowledge, resources and innovative approaches to learning and teaching in psychology 
  5. To promote and support scholarly investigation and the evidenced-based development of psychology teaching and learning; and provide forums for the presentation of reports on investigations and developments
  6. To provide advice to the APS, secondary and tertiary education institutions, government organisations, and other groups on relevant issues, including changes that impact on teaching and learning in psychology

All people interested in psychology teaching and learning are warmly welcome to join the Interest Group. For further information on the activities of the Interest Group and how to join, go to


The authors wish to acknowledge Dr Stephen Provost and Dr Craig Turnbull as founding members of the Interest Group, and thank them for their efforts in establishing the Group.

Associate Professor Jacquelyn Cranney MAPS and Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz MAPS
Co-convenors, APS Teaching, Learning and Psychology Interest Group