Using the APS strength, influence and 70 years of experience to undertake skilled and effective advocacy for psychology and psychologists

Skilled political advocacy

Advocacy with Government Ministers, other parliamentarians and their advisors highlights the contribution of psychologists to the Australian community, and the need for ready access to psychological services and ongoing funding for psychology education and research

Effective advocacy with the Psychology Board of Australia

Strong advocacy through representation and submissions highlights the impact of changes associated with national registration and the requirements for practising and provisional psychologists and their training

Voice for a sustainable psychology workforce

Monitoring of workforce trends and APS representation on influential committees enables strong input to maintain viable training and employment opportunities in psychology as well as the psychology workforce

Contribution of psychological knowledge and care

Membership of over 40 high powered committees enables influence on policy development related to psychology in Australia, while numerous submissions to parliamentary inquiries on issues of community concern contribute psychological knowledge

APS advocacy through the media

Proactive APS media campaigns on the health and wellbeing benefits of psychological care generate significant media exposure for psychology and the expertise of APS psychologists