ePsychSafe™ - Security and privacy of personal and clinical information.

Secure Message Delivery (SMD)

Digital health is being implemented within a broad range of Australian healthcare settings, including public and private enterprises, hospitals and community services.

Secure Message Delivery (SMD) is a set of specifications developed collaboratively by the digital health community including NEHTA, Standards Australia, Desktop Software vendors and secure messaging service providers. This set of specifications defines an approach to digital health communication using widely supported IT industry standards.

The SMD specifications support the secure delivery of messages containing clinical documents and/or other information between healthcare organisations, either directly or through one or more messaging service providers.

What is ePsychSafe™?

The ePsychSafe™ initiative is an APS programme that approves APS members who are capable of sending and receiving client information in secure and encrypted ways (SMD), utilising a National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) approved secure messaging provider.

Those who are approved by the APS as ePsychSafe™ will have the opportunity to have their practice and secure messaging provider details listed in the soon to be updated APS Find a Psychologist Service.

How to find an ePsychSafe™ approved psychologist

Later this year the online Find a Psychologist service will also include ePsychSafe™ details for members that have been approved by the APS. These details will assist referring GPs and allied health professionals to identify those psychologists who have the capacity to provide secure message delivery which will become increasingly important within the regulated e-practice environment.

The APS Find a Psychologist Service

The APS Find a Psychologist Service will be expanded to make it the definitive go-to source for psychologists in private practice.

Publicity about the Find a Psychologist Service will be enhanced by direct promotion to GPs, Primary Health Networks (PHNs), allied professions, and the broader public.

Later this year this expanded service will include upwards of 8,000 APS member psychologists who are in private practice. APS members who pay $188 per annum are premium subscribers to the Find a Psychologist Service. They will benefit from the expanded reach of this part of the listing and will be given business-driving priority in search results. They will also be exclusively searchable by issue, appointment type, therapy, location and many other criteria. Search results will show premium subscribers’ expertise and will directly link to websites and practice details, providing valuable business results for our subscribers.

APS members who do not subscribe to the premium Find a Psychologist Service will be able to list their practice location, email, and contact phone numbers for free. These members will be searchable by name or location only.

There are a number of practice management software providers. Typically the directories of practice management software only list psychologists who subscribe to that software product. This limits the ability of referring GP’s, Allied Professionals and the public in their choice of the most suitable psychologist for a client’s needs.  The APS is working with practice management software providers to imbed Find a Psychologist into their directories.

What do members need to do to be ePsychSafe™ approved?

The APS is working with recommended software provider Global Health.  Global Health offers an SMD only option, as well as options for Practice Management software plus SMD capability in one package.

These products are  available from the new APS shop.

Already SMD capable?

If you are already SMD (Secure Message Delivery) capable please provide your details for ePsychSafe™ approval by clicking on the below button.  When the expanded Find a Psychologist Service goes live later this year your practice and SMD details will be included.

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