Facilitating access to like-minded colleagues, communities of interest, and supervision and mentoring opportunities throughout Australia

Networking through APS Member Groups

APS Branches

Automatic allocation to one of 40 APS Branches throughout Australia, which support members, provide email updates and organise networking in local areas

APS Colleges

Nine APS Colleges represent expertise in specific areas of psychology, with 53 State sections providing members with support, quality resources, email updates and CPD opportunities

APS Interest Groups

44 APS Interest Groups (with 49 State-based sections) support members with special interests and assist communication between those interested in similar fields

Online member forums

Online discussion forums for each APS Member Group (above) enable sharing of information and ideas

Peer consultation networks

APS Member Group directories facilitate a large and growing number of peer consultation networks for APS members

Access to supervision

Supervisor registers

Online supervisor registers are available exclusively to APS members to facilitate access to supervision arrangements

Additional student support and services


Supporting student members on their pathways towards careers in psychology

  • Psych Student HQ web pages and facebook page provide updates on relevant developments in psychology, as well as career and study advice
  • Student mentoring breakfasts at APS conferences and events throughout the year
  • Advocacy for psychology students with government and regulators
  • A range of student prizes to recognise and encourage excellence in psychology

Visit Psych Student HQ to learn more

Connecting through social media

APS social media platforms

The APS maintains official social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, while a number of APS Member Groups maintain accounts to allow their members to connect across multiple social networks