Research links

Australian Institute of Family Studies -

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (UK) -

RefDesk - a website that points you to useful newspapers, dictionaries, weather, discussion groups and more:

Major publishers of psychology books and journals

Australian Academic Press:

Cambridge University Press:

Cengage Learning:

Elsevier Science:

John Wiley & Sons:

McGraw-Hill Higher Education:

Melbourne University Press:

Oxford University Press:

Palgrave Macmillan:

Sage Publications:

Taylor and Francis Group:

Careers information

An Australian Government site that provides information on the psychology workforce in Australia, such as job prospects, average weekly earnings and main employing industries.

Graduate Careers Australia:
Information about graduate careers and employment for students and graduates of Australian universities.
The Department of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs national job guide provides information on areas that psychologists work in, including details on education and training in each State and Territory.

Other resources

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA):
The peak body representing key allied health professional organisations, including the Australian Psychological Society. AHPA provides input to the Commonwealth Government and other decision-makers on health policies and services across Australia.

Australian Legal Database:
Search Australian State, Territory and Federal legislation, decisions of courts, law journals, treaties and other legal material.

Australian Drug Information Network:
A portal to quality-assured Australian and international information about drugs.

Reach Out Pro:
Reach Out Pro provides access and advice for health care professionals on a range of technologies and online resources that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the psychosocial support and mental health care provided to young people.

For more resources for psychologists, see also Government websites.