(Under review)

This practice guide has been prepared by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) in consultation with experts in the field and a disability reference group. Seminal literature about disabilities was consulted as part of the preparation process.

The aim of this guide is to reduce restrictive practices in the disability sector by increasing the use of positive behaviour support programs. A range of issues about the use of restrictive practices is addressed. These practices include the use of restraint and seclusion as well as procedures and programs that can impede a person's ability to exercise choice and self-determination. The reduction of restrictive practices has relevance not only in the disability sector, but also in other areas of practice including rehabilitation, mental health, forensic, juvenile and aged care settings.

This guide has been written with both psychologists and non-psychology health professionals in mind in order for interdisciplinary collaboration to occur and to support systemic improvements.

For further information, please contact Dr Rebecca Mathews at r.mathews@psychology.org.au.