The Tests and Testing Expert Group (TTEG) was established in 2011 following the submission of an APS commissioned report to the APS Board of Directors. The report recommended establishing the TTEG to raise the profile of the profession in the area of tests and testing by engaging in a range of activities including:

  • Developing and promoting comprehensive assessment standards and competencies to improve the level of services provided by psychologists
  • Increasing the provision of professional development activities linked to test and testing for psychologists
  • Setting up a webpage on the APS website to provide a range of resources for APS members, psychologists and the general community
  • Establishing a collaborative working relationship between test publishers and suppliers, and the APS
  • Addressing various ethical issues such as test misuse and difficulties in restricting access to tests
  • Promoting psychologists’ awareness, knowledge, and expertise in this area of work.

The group is currently chaired by Professor Chris Pratt and includes practising and academic psychologists, and representatives of test publishers and suppliers. Member expertise covers general aspects of psychological testing along with areas of specialisation including clinical, clinical neuropsychology, educational and developmental, forensic, and organisational psychology, as well as experience in working with cultural and disability groups.

The current members are: 

  • Chris Pratt MAPS (Chair)
  • Gary Banks MAPS
  • Greg Dear MAPS
  • Melody Fudge MAPS
  • Wally Howe MAPS
  • Nigar Khawaja 
  • Peter Macqueen FAPS
  • Rebecca Mathews MAPS
  • Valorie O’Keefe MAPS
  • Doug Scott MAPS
  • Graeme Senior

Terms of Reference

Composition of the Test and Testing Expert Group

The Test and Testing Expert Group (TTEG) will typically comprise 10 members with expert knowledge in the psychological testing. Membership will include two members nominated by the Test Publishers and Suppliers Consultative Group (TPSCG). The Manager, Practice Standards will be an additional member of TTEG and contribute to the workings of the group.  A member of the Group will be nominated as the Chair.

Recruitment to the TTEG will be by invitation based on expertise with nominees presented to the Board for final approval. Membership will ensure representation of areas of the discipline and profession of psychology for which psychological testing has a central role.

Attributes and competencies of group members

The following attributes and competencies are required to be an effective member of the TTEG:

  • Extensive knowledge of, and experience in, psychological testing;
  • An interest in improving standards in psychological testing;
  • The propensity to work constructively as part of a team;
  • The commitment and ability to devote time to be involved in TTEG matters and contribute to the work of TTEG.

Term of membership of TTEG

TTEG members will serve two year terms and will be eligible for reappointment to the TTEG for a second term. TTEG members do not serve any more than two consecutive terms.


The TTEG will facilitate and initiate:

  • promotion of psychological expertise in tests and testing;
  • standards for the use, administration and interpretation of psychological tests;
  • resources regarding best practice and new developments;
  • recommendations on training and continuing professional development for practitioners;
  • position statements on tests and testing;
  • recommendations and resources for testing people from minority groups, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and individuals with a disability;
  • the provision of information for practitioners, other professionals and the general public on tests and testing.
  • any other test and testing issues that are referred to TTEG for consideration.

TTEG will meet at least four times per year, with one of those meetings being face-to-face.  The Manager (Practice Standards) and Executive Manager (Professional Practice) provide secretariat support.

Reporting relationships and collaborations

The TTEG will provide updates of activities to the Board that will be facilitated through the reports provided by the Executive Manager, Professional Practice.

The TTEG will, as appropriate, liaise and work collaboratively with other APS groups such as the Ethics Committee and APS member groups, as well as external groups such as the Psychology Board of Australia, the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and the Test Publishers and Suppliers Consultative Group.

How to make contact

For more information, please contact Rebecca Mathews at r.mathews or (03) 8662 3300.