December 2006

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Psychology and lifestyle-related disease
By Professor Neville Owen MAPS

The role of psychologists in minimising alcohol-related harm
By Dr David Ryder MAPS

Dying of a broken heart: Heart disease, depression and risk of mortality
By Dr Joseph Scopelliti MAPS

The keys to successful behaviour change
By Dr Bob Montgomery FAPS

Psychology and rehabilitation in the health sector: Its role and contribution
David L Stokes MAPS

Social Issues

Psychology and the silly season
A contribution by the social issues team

Saving the planet
A contribution by the social issues team

APS members only:

President's note
Important year for psychology and the APS
Amanda Gordon MAPS

Executive Director's Report
Looking beyond Medicare to 2007
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS

October 2006

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The violent client: Advances in violence risk assessment
By Professor James Ogloff FAPS

Criminal investigative analysis in the Australian context
By Michael R. Davis Assoc MAPS and Deb Bennett

Managing the client who threatens violence
By Lisa J. Warren MAPS

Angry young men: Aggressive behaviour after Traumatic Brain Injury
By Paul Gertler MAPS

Family law changes in children's cases
By Beatrice Melita MAPS

Social Issues

Children and war: Cycles of violence
Dr Susie Burke MAPS

Saving the planet
A contribution by the social issues team
What are we waiting for?

APS members only:

Ensuring members' needs are met through APS branches
By Amanda Gordon MAPS, APS President

August 2006

InPsych August 2006 cover

Youth mental health services
By Professor Patrick McGorry, Alexandra Parker and Dr Rosemary 

Supporting young people to seek professional help for mental health problems
By Associate Professor Debra Rickwood MAPS, Dr Coralie Wilson MAPS and Professor Frank Deane MAPS

Innovative approaches to working with young offenders
By Christine Miller MAPS and Amanda Bond

Doing Anger Differently: From discharge to discourse
Dr Michael Currie MAPS

Taking a risk for adolescents: Wilderness Adventure Therapy
By Dr Simon Crisp MAPS

Psychology in the Gaza Strip
Stephen Heydt MAPS

Psychology in the Seychelles
By Greg Bell MAPS

APS members only:

New operating structure for APS Divisions
By Amanda Gordon MAPS, APS President

New governance model offers more member involvement
By Professor Lyn Littlefield FAPS, APS Executive Director

June 2006

Cover of InPsych June 2006

Throwaway workers
By Associate Professor Maureen Dollard

Managing mental health problems in the workplace
By Ingrid Ozols

Stress at work: A new theoretical framework for psychologists
By Dr Elizabeth Tindle FAPS

Workplace stress: What's causing it and what can be done?
By Ellen Jackson MAPS

Peace, passion and progress: Are they compatible?
By Dr Peter Langford MAPS, Dr Louise Parkes MAPS and Joanne Abbey MAPS

APS members only:

APS Bendi Lango Art Exhibition
By Amanda Gordon MAPS, APS President

Campaign assists in delivering Budget psychology initiatives
By Professor Lyn Littlefield FAPS, APS Executive Director

April 2006

Cover of InPsych April 2006

Same-sex attraction: Finding a space on the Australian scene
By Dr Daryl Higgins MAPS

LGBTIQ rights advocacy and the APS
By Dr Damien W Riggs MAPS

Psychological components of the Australian Federal Police's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer Network Training Program
By Warrick Arblaster MAPS

A look behind the scenes: Private Practice Management Standards
By Dr Rebecca Mathews MAPS, David L Stokes MAPS and Leah Collins

APS members only:

Seizing opportunities with both hands
By Amanda Gordon MAPS, APS President

Review recommends new APS governance structure
By Professor Lyn Littlefield FAPS, APS Executive Director

February 2006

Cover of InPsych February 2006

Transferring cognitive behavioural interventions to the internet: Can it be done?
By Professor Gerhard Andersson

Reflections on internet therapy: Past, present and beyond
By Ciaran Pier Assoc MAPS, Britt Klein, David Austin, Joanna Mitchell, Litza Kiropoulos and Paul Ryan

Effective treatments a click away
By Kathleen M Griffiths MAPS, Louise Farrer and Helen Christensen MAPS

A hitchhiker's guide to telepsychology
By Bill Campos MAPS

Attitudes towards psychological therapy: Tradition versus technology
By Dr Timothy J Sharp and Michelle Pritchard

APS members only:

The APS and its members making a difference
By Amanda Gordon MAPS, APS President

APS shares win in youth mental health
By Professor Lyn Littlefield FAPS, APS Executive Director