December 2008

 InPsych December 2008 cover

Cover feature: Enhancing the wellbeing and functioning of aged people in care

Article 1: Psychologists' role in enhancing care in residential aged care facilities: Current issues, future directions
Associate Professor Nancy Pachana

Article 2Training for work in aged care
Professor Edward Helmes, Dr Mike Bird and Richard Fleming

Article 3Improving the detection and management of depression in aged care
Dr Tanya Davison, Professor Marita McCabe and Associate Professor David Mellor

Article 4Giving carers of elderly frail people a break: Perspectives on respite care
Dr Colleen Doyle

Article 5: The APS Psychology and Ageing Interest Group
Professor Yvonne Wells

Public interest    

National Psychology Week survey: Coping with irritating events and situations
Dr Rebecca Mathews, Dr Helen Lindner and Katherine Crea

'Is it beyond our control?' The inaugural APS Annual Oration presented by Hugh Mackay

The environment features strongly at the APS Conference

Saving the planet: Conflict and the environment

APS members only:

Education and training

Movement towards a national school curriculum: Implications for psychology
Dr Helen Skouteris, Vicky Mrowinski, Associate Professor Jacky Cranney and Dr Nicholas Voudouris

Update on the APS Professional Development program

Professional practice

Legal matters: Managing client confidentiality when a practising psychologist dies

Assessment and upgrade of practice management standards within a university-based psychology clinic
Dr Leanne Humphreys

Offender ‘profiling': Realities and ethics in the development of investigative psychology practices
Sarah Yule

Membership news

Introducing the new APS Fellows

APS College profiles
College of Community Psychologists
   Grace Pretty
College of Health Psychologists
   Lina Ricciardelli

Acting President's note 

Comings and goings on the APS Board of Directors
Professor Simon Crowe FAPS

Executive Director's report

Prescribing rights for psychologists?
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS


October 2008

 InPsych October 2008 cover

Cover feature: Alcohol and drug misuse in Australians

Article 1: Substance use in the 21st Century: Different or more of the same?
Lynne Magor-Blatch

Article 2Adolescent drinking: The influence of parental attitudes, modeling and alcohol supply
Dr Delyse Hutchinson, Dr Elizabeth Maloney, Dr Laura Vogl and Professor Richard Mattick

Article 3Working with substance misuse problems in private practice
Dr Peter Kelly

Article 4Dual diagnosis and dual roles
Kathryn Grimes

Article 5: APS contribution to the substance use debate
Dr Stefan Gruenert

Public interest 

Australian psychologists at the International Criminal Court

APS contributes to the debate on the sexualisation of children
Dr Susie Burke

APS members only:

Education and training

Excellence in Research for Australia initiative: Implications for the discipline of psychology
Dr Nicholas Voudouris and Vicky Mrowinski

Postgraduate placements for psychology students in alcohol and other drug services
Dr Thomas Fuller, Margaret Anderson and Dr Helen Lindner

Vocational psychology: Realising its true potential
Associate Professor James Athanasou

Professional practice

Understanding subpoenas and how to respond to them
Jeanette Jifkins

Alliances: Opportunities for psychologists
Sebastian Salicru

Membership news

APS College profiles
College of Counselling Psychologists
   Elaine Hosie and Ben Mullins
College of Organisational Psychologists
   Gina McCredie

President's note 

2008 APS President's Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in Australia

Executive Director's report

New Strategic Plan guides the work of the Society
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS

June 2008

 InPsych June 2008

Cover feature: Medicare and public mental health psychology services

Introduction: Medicare and public mental health psychology services
By Associate Professor John Gleeson MAPS and Associate Professor Warrick Brewer MAPS on behalf of the Heads of Psychology Group

Article 1: A changing landscape? Implications of the introduction of the Better Access initiative for the public mental health psychology workforce
By Associate Professor John Gleeson MAPS and Associate Professor Warrick Brewer MAPS

Article 2Medicare and severe and enduring mental health problems
By Dr Neil Thomas MAPS and Associate Professor John Gleeson MAPS

Article 3Co-ordinating optimal responses to the impact of Medicare on public-private practice
By Associate Professor Warrick Brewer MAPS, Dr Priscilla Yardley MAPS, Gail Bradley MAPS and Associate Professor John Gleeson MAPS

Article 4Clinical psychologists, private practice and employment in the public health sector in Victoria
By Dr Rosemary Kelly and Dr Ruth Perkins MAPS

Article 5: The APS perspective on Medicare and public sector psychology
By David Stokes MAPS

Special articles

A psychologist’s experience of the Australia 2020 Summit

Social Issues

Saving the planet
Including environmental considerations in child development research and practice

APS members only

APS News
APS increases its Indigenous involvement 

APS News
Survey of members providing Medicare-funded services under the Better Access initiative

APS News
APS College Awards of Distinction 2007 recipients 

President's note
Governance review of APS Units
Amanda Gordon MAPS

Executive Director's report
Larger psychology workforce required for comprehensive mental health services
New national registration and accreditation scheme for psychologists
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS


April 2008

 InPsych, April 2008

Cover feature: Psychological harm at work

Article 1: Psychological injury in the workplace
By Dr Peter Cotton FAPS

Article 2: Leadership derailment and psychological harm
By Doug MacKie MAPS

Article 3Managing bullying at work
By Martha Knox Haly MAPS

Article 4Emotional labour: A significant interpersonal stressor
By Steven Kiely MAPS & Dr Peter Sevastos

Article 5Psychological harm at work and the role of the organisational psychologist
By Gina McCredie MAPS

Special articles

Experiences of the Stolen Generations Apology in Canberra
By Heather Gridley  

2008 APS Bendi Lango Foundation Bursary recipient 

Social Issues

Saving the planet
Applying organisational psychology to sustainable workplace design

APS members only

APS News
Contracting and employment in private practice settings 

APS News
Obituary: Winston Rickards AM

APS News
Psychologists involved in supporting asylum seekers and refugees 

APS News
2007 APS Awards recipients

President's note
Guiding the work of the APS through strategic planning
Amanda Gordon MAPS

Executive Director's report
Member input to APS policy making and governance
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS


February 2008

Cover of InPsych February 2008

Cover feature: Performance psychology

Article 1: Performance psychology: Being the best, the best you can be, or just a little better?
By Professor Peter Terry MAPS, Head, Department of Psychology, University of Southern Queensland

Article 2: Enhancing the teamwork of the Sri Lankan cricket team: A case study of applying Appreciative Inquiry
By Dr Sandy Gordon FAPS, Senior Lecturer, School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, University of Western Australia

Article 3: Up where we belong: Enhancing safety and performance in military aviation
By Colonel Peter Murphy FAPS, Director, Australian Defence Force Psychology, Organisation and Lieutenant Colonel Martin Levey, Australian Army Psychology Corps

Article 4: Skills for excellence and wellbeing pioneered at Genazzano FCJ College
By Catherine Brandon MAPS, Senior psychologist, Genazzano FCJ College

Article 5: Performance enhancing drugs in sport: The dark side of performance psychology
By Dr Jason Mazanov MAPS, Senior Lecturer, School of Business, UNSW@ADFA

Article 6: The APS College of Sport Psychologists: Has our performance peaked?
By Dr Lydia Ievleva MAPS, Chair, APS College of Sport Psychologists

Social Issues

Saving the planet
A contribution by the social issues team

APS members only

APS News
Will psychologists’ private practices have to be accredited?
By David Stokes MAPS, Manager Professional Issues, National Office

APS News
Obituary: Emeritus Professor John Keats Hon FAPS
Professor Trevor Waring AM FAPS, General Director, APS Board of Directors

APS News
2007 APS College and Interest Group awards recipients

President's note
Promoting the mission of the Society through leadership
Amanda Gordon MAPS

Executive Director's report
Setting the agenda for 2008
Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS