Grow your professional network and kick-start your career

Networking can play a vital part in establishing a successful career in psychology. By seeking out like-minded individuals and groups, you open doors to valuable mentoring possibilities, get a head start on employment opportunities, and develop new skills and knowledge through collaboration with peers and colleagues. Actively networking can provide important momentum in your career once you have graduated, and begin to draw on the experience gained during your student years.

The Australian Psychological Society has 21,000 members on whose energy and expertise you may draw. A wide variety of member-based activities offer opportunities to make connections and get involved, via:

  • APS Branches, members are designated to their local branch upon joining the APS. APS Branches represent 40 areas ranging from Sydney to the Mid-West of Western Australia.
  • APS State Committees, many of which have student representitives
  • Nine APS Colleges dedicated to the clinical, clinical neuropsychology, forensic, educational and developmental, sports and exercise, counselling, organisational, community and health specialisms  
  • APS Interest Groups, devoted to 38 areas of special interest ranging to psychoanalytically oriented psychology to coaching
  • Conferences
  • Career days
  • Professional development and training events

Networking also helps you navigate the early stages of your career by bringing you into contact with other students and psychologists who are similar to you in age, interests or background and experiences. The variety ensures that you can find opportunities that complement your areas of interest or special concerns.

Volunteering at APS conferences...

Many students choose to volunteer at the APS Annual Conference and APS College conferences. Volunteering at conferences is a great way to network with your fellow students, APS members and APS National Office staff, as well as enjoying complimentary entry to conference events, including those events dedicated to students in attendance.

... or at National Psychology Week

National Psychology Week is the annual event to increase community awareness of psychology. Events range from that designed to promote links between community members and the psychologists that work with them. Branch organisers welcome the assistance of members who can help plan and run larger events, or individual members can plan their own according to their interests, whether it be sharing their expertise at a free talk for interested locals or manning a stall in a local shopping centre in order to speak with passers-by about what psychology is all about.




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