Psychology is a broad and diverse profession. With a wide variety of workplace settings and specialty fields, psychology can be a highly rewarding and satisfying career choice. But which field is right for you?

In Psychologists' Stories, you will meet successful APS psychologists who are making a difference in their communities. You will discover that many of them often took some time before establishing themselves in their chosen fields, and their passion for psychology will encourage you to further explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

If you are still wondering which pathway to follow, the experiences of the APS psychologists in these stories may help with your decision.

Check back regularly, as we'll continue to add more stories covering the breadth of psychological practice.

Guiding students on their journey

As well as supporting qualified psychologists, the APS has a large and growing number of student members who seek guidance and resources as they move through their studies. Learn more about how becoming a Student Subscriber can help you as you move towards a career in psychology.