Postgraduate study in psychology usually builds on foundational knowledge and skills in psychology obtained during the accredited four years of undergraduate study and becomes more explicitly focussed on the skills and requirements which are needed by professional practitioners.

Accredited and approved professional postgraduate courses tend to focus on developing competencies in areas such as: ethical practice, legal and professional matters, psychological assessment and measurement, intervention strategies, and research and evaluation.

More information on the various postgraduate options are available on our ‘Study pathways' page.

For a full list of education providers who offer accredited and approved postgraduate degrees visit the Psychology Board of Australia's list of APAC-accredited and Board-approved degrees.


Oxford welcomes its first Indigenous Australian psychology student

Charlie Perkins was the first Indigenous Australian to graduate from university, the first Indigenous head of an Australian Government department, and a renowned activist for his people. Paul Gray, a 27-year-old Wiradjuri man from the Bogan River in NSW, is undertaking a PhD in experimental psychology as an inaugural Oxford Charlie Perkins Scholar. InPsych caught up with Paul on his recent trip home to Australia.